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When you pick a restaurant, how do you pick? If we have the time to research at home, I do, but if we are already out and about like in our case here at a shopping mall, Grand Indonesia, and I have no idea about the restaurants at the place, I am usually drawn to the design of a restaurant when picking a place to dine.

Y&Y has always drew my attention because of their design. One weekend night, we finally decided to have dinner at Y&Y. I was excited! I whipped out my camera (my husband rolls his eyes). I asked the restaurant staff if I could take some photos and they were very welcoming and friendly.

I love modern white interior design, so Y&Y grabbed my heart at the first sight. I also like the origami cranes hanging from tree branches in vases. The contrast of orange and yellow origami cranes stood out in the white background.

Y&Y restaurant serves fusion food and the menu has a mixture of deli food, Western as well as Asian dishes. What I like about this restaurant is that they serve kids bento boxes for a very reasonable price (around IDR 30,000+ (US$3+)). It was more on the heavy side, but yummy.





Good Idea

There is a hook under the table top where you can hang your purse. Brilliant design idea.


We won 10% discount. Yippeee! I don’t know if they do this only during the certain time of the year or only on weekends or what, but they had a lucky draw when we had dinner there on one weekend. I thought it was such a fun and neat idea!

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  1. Lily says

    Such a nice decoration at this restaurant! I think I have been to this mall when I stayed in Jakarta but I am not sure. Want to try all recommended restaurants next time when visiting there. I enjoy your pictures:-)

  2. says

    I don’t know if it’s because the influence of my husband, but we choose restaurants that are packed with customers. Hubby said that if the crowd loves it that it must be a guarantee of the food’s quality. I hate queuing though ;p. I admire your courage to ask the staffs to take pictures Kaho! You take great restaurant’s interior pics that other gourmet blogger don’t. Great work!

    • says

      You actually made a very good point which I also follow and I completely forgot to mention!! My mom is like your husband. She always tries (whether she’s interested in or not) anything where people are lined up. I wonder if that’s a Japanese thing. So, now I do get curious when I see a lot of people lined up or some placed is packed with people. In fact, that’s how I found out about the store Charles and Keith.

  3. says

    I like the neat, mostly white interiors of Y&Y too! They have such an extensive menu that I get confused as to what to order! So many options! Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures!

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