Wednesday Wall2Wall ☆ Our New Chair & Home Decor

I won a door prize at the American Women’s Association’s holiday tea (Jakarta, Indonesia) last year. I have NEVER even once won anything in my life. I couldn’t believe it. Anyways, I received a voucher to make a single sofa/chair at Home Decor. I’ve got to pick a design of a chair and pick out a fabric as well. Fun! I received this chair last week and it is a lovely new addition to our house.

I wish I could place it in the area where we can use it, but it didn’t look so great in our living room or master bedroom. So, I picked our guest bedroom to be its destination. Our guest bedroom is very small, so I don’t have many options as to where I can place the chair. I like it being there as I can see it from the corridor. I have wanted to place a chair for our guests to sit on when they go back to their room, so I hope our future guests will enjoy it.


Isn’t this an amazing place? The pricing is not in my range, so I felt very lucky to have a voucher to make a single sofa/chair. They have services for curtains, carpets, upholstery, wallpapers, and blinds. This place is a wonderland as you can see. I am very happy with the end quality of our chair. Thank you, Home Decor!!

Home Decor
Interior Decorators
Jl. RS Fatmawati No. 5C-5D
(next to Petrol Pump Blok A)
Jakarta Selatan 12140

Tel: (021)722 4248, 722 4252, 722 4729, 723 0970, 727 89513



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