waiting for the school bus

My buddy, our second child, and I love to wait for our first daughter’s school bus to arrive. We sometimes blow bubbles, take photos and talk while we’re waiting. Kids love to take photos, don’t they? I’ve over protected my camera for a long time, but I realized that I should let my kids play with it since they show so much interest in it. I just have to watch them when they use it. They have interesting perspectives sometimes.

Our stuff still hasn’t arrived yet. My older child said to me today “mama, I want you to wear something different and look pretty!” Oh no!! I do wear something different everyday. I just don’t have too many to rotate with. We’re still living off of what we brought in our suitcases. It’s been like that over two months. Hopefully our air shipment will arrive to us soon. I had just one suitcase for myself and that is not much. I have not done any shopping for myself except for the pair of sneakers. When our air shipment arrives, it’ll be like Christmas. Waiting, waiting and waiting.


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    I love this post Kaho! I am now regularly letting my 3 and 1/2 year old daughter using my camera (ok it is only an “old” Sony Cybershot) and results are quite amazing. I am having so much fun teaching her how to take a good picture, it is worth it! I also post her pictures, the nice ones, the not so nice ones and the funny ones on our family blog too…
    ( I am not sure if you know that blog http://satinetsoie.blogspot.com)

    Anyways these pictures taken by your daughter are pretty and it is nice to see you too!! I realized that when you have children you spend a lot of time taking pictures of them, and end up with no pix at all of yourself for… YEARS!!!

    Haha, hope you are having a good week… but seems like it reading your recent posts…

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