Vietopia Vietnamese Restaurant & Pregnancy at 31 Weeks

A while back I took my older daughter to Vietopia, a Vietnamese restaurant, for lunch on her day off to have Pho. It is a pretty Vietnamese Cafe off of Senopati in Jakarta. I craved Pho for a while during my first trimester back in September and the pho noodle at Vietopia satisfied my pregnancy craving. These photos make me feel like it was taken ages ago. It’s been a long journey since last summer till now.

Jl Senopati No. 66
Kebayoran BAru, Jakarta
Tel. (62-21) 726 1162
Fax. (62-21) 7261129

Vietopia is almost across the street from the Kripik vendor who sells my favorite Kripik chips in Indonesia on Senopati.

As for my pregnancy update, I am getting big daily at 31 week of pregnancy. Round, heavy and slow. That’s me. I had a tennis lesson for 30 minutes today though. I have tried to stay in shape by jogging, now walking, swimming, and playing tennis, but I might not be able to do these activities much longer.

Back in June, my husband and I decided to take a big leap to go for a number 3. My thinking was who knows how long it would take us to get pregnant again especially I have already had one miscarriage between our first and second and I wasn’t getting any younger. Unlike the first two pregnancies, the pregnancy happened rather quickly and that surprised us. I didn’t even suspect that I was pregnant until I was close to 8 weeks. This post about my health getting weak was written with my true words. I honestly believed that it was parasite. Of course, I’m glad it is a baby. Babies are in some sense the same as parasites since they do live off of their moms, aren’t they…?

I have to incubate this baby at least for the next 8 weeks. If I can survive 8 more weeks, I’m good to go.

I can do it. Right?


  1. says

    Kaho, I’m a way behind regarding the news of your pregnancy, but I’m so happy for you ! And of course you can do it; Gracefully I should say 😉

  2. kiki says

    I’m sure you can do it. Hope everything runs smooth until the labour. I envy you getting pregnant easily..I’ve been married for almost 4 years and still trying..
    Congratulations and keep posting!

    • says

      Hi, Kiki! Thanks for the comment! I hope I didn’t sound like I was bragging… That would be bad. I did have more difficult time getting pregnant with the first two children and I had a miscarriage. Don’t be discouraged! When the timing is right, it’ll happen.

  3. irene Tanjono says

    4 thumbs up for staying in shape during pregnancy!!
    i love the coffee in vietopia but i like the pho in lang viet better…have you tried?

    • says

      I agree with you. I like the pho at Lang Viet better, too!! I craved pho the most around Idul Fitri time last year (2010) which was in September and Lang Viet was closed for a long time for the holiday. I went there twice when it was closed! The feeling of disappointment when you crave something and can’t get it is big during pregnancy. Alternatively I went to Vietopia and it did satisfied my need. I also ended up making Pho at home which was also good. :)

  4. shinae says

    hello, im new in jakarta.
    i want to do some exercise but its hard to find a place.
    can you let me know where i can have a tennis lesson?

    • says

      To get a memberships at one of the sports or recreational clubs in town is one way. I think some apartments have tennis courts and some tennis coaches seem to go there and teach lessons. If you live in an apartment complex, it might be the easiest to ask people playing at the court for any information.


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