Two Front Teeth

“All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth♫ my two front teeth…♬” I hope my daughter’s permanent front teeth will come in soon. Yes, my 6-year-old lost her two front teeth over the weekend. She can’t stop looking at the gap between her teeth and every chance she gets, she’s looking at it in a mirror or a reflection on a glass. She thinks it’s the coolest thing to not have her two front teeth. Good for her because otherwise this would be a very tough time for her. What a funny phase she’s going through! She lost her right front tooth on Saturday night (more accurately my hubby took it) and the other on Sunday morning. Her Tooth Fairy brought a total of Rp. 20,000 (about $2) for the two nights. I love this tooth fairy tradition in the States. I didn’t grow up with this tale, so loosing teeth didn’t have the same impact on me. We had pizza last night and my daughter went “it’s easier to have front teeth.” You got that right.

長女の前歯が2本共週末の間に抜けました。歯が抜けた後の隙間を見たくて仕方ない彼女。暇さえあれば鏡を覗き込んで口の中を見ています。前歯2本がなくなった事がとても格好良いと思っている娘。良かったね〜、じゃないと大変だろうな...歯が抜ける年代ってとても特異な時期ですね。土曜日の夜に右の歯が抜け(というか夫が抜き)、日曜日の朝左の歯が抜け、歯の妖精から2日で20,000ルピア(200円ほど)もらいました。アメリカでは、歯が抜けると「tooth fairy」(歯の妖精)が来るんですよ。子供は歯が抜けた日の夜に、枕元に歯を置いておくと、夜中に歯の妖精が来て歯を持って行ってしまい、代わりに1ドル程(100円程度)のお金を置いておいてくれるんです。私はそういう習慣の中で育っていないので、私が子供の頃と娘とでは、歯が抜けるという経験の受け止め方がとても違うと感じます。娘の歯が抜けた時の興奮の様子と言ったら...でも素敵な習慣だな、と思います。昨日ピザを食べに行ったのですが、娘が一言。「前歯があった方が食べやすいや。」そりゃそうだ。

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  1. says

    My eldest nephew always gets excited about losing a tooth, and I think it has to do with the tooth fairy!

    your daughter is cute as can be. I’m happy she is cool with the change.

  2. says

    What a funny phase indeed! Good to hear that she is all excited about it and still smiling for the camera! Love it! My lil sister who had one front tooth missing for the longest time, would never show her teeth when she smiled. She felt totally self-conscious about it. So it’s so cool that your eldest is totally hamming it up for the cam!

  3. says

    Hello Kaho, nice to meet you and to learn about your blog!! awesome job on the blog too!! i will have to check out magnolia now and i love your living room! tfs!! Hugs, Liza

  4. Ichiyo says

    She looks so cute without the front teeth!! Kai is turning 8 and he still doesn’t have one of the two teeth that is on the left side of his two front teeth. Front teeth came in really quickly but I guess the ones next to the front teeth take time to come in for some kids. I got so worried after a year that I even took him to an orthodontist!

  5. says

    I think kids without their front milkteeth are soo cute. As a kid I refused to take any pictures when I lost my front teeth….not I am a bit sad to not have a single photo during that cute phase.

    • says

      I don’t, either! People have told me that I should have many photos of my daughter without her front teeth as it is a special time!

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