Monday Mode ☆ Tutu Skirts

skirt: Target, shirts: J.Crew Kids

skirt: Gap Kids, shirt: Target

One of my girls’ favorite outfits is a tutu skirt. If I suggest a tutu, my girls would usually accept to wear it. I love Target’s tutus. They are reasonably priced and cute. Now my older one is 6, she can no longer wear clothes from the toddler section at Target. When I was back in the States last month for vacation with my family, I found many cute toddler clothes at Target, but I wasn’t intrigued by the selection in a kids section. Do you find it the same?



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    Kaho, your daughters are cute as can be. Beli loves wearing tutus. Since being back to the States, I haven’t been doing much shopping, that being said, I do like going to consignment shops, they have great quality clothes and great prices. In fact, last week I took Beli along with me and you know what she said, when I started looking at the section of kids clothes, “Mami, this is not for you, it’s for me!” ( She wanted to look through the clothes without my help, LOL

    Your time visiting family must have gone so quickly, I can’t believe you were gone for a month already (seems you were only there for a couple of weeks).

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    Tutu skirts definitely fit the feminine and dainty personalities of your daughter Kaho! I am currently living my life vicariously through you! I would love to have a daughter to dress up hehehe!

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