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Melany of wanderlust and wonder once told me before she had left Jakarta that I should go eat at TACO LOCAL. She is a friend of mine who was one of my great source of Jakarta finds. She always knew hip and trendy places to go in Jakarta and I loved her taste and choices. I believe this is the article Melany wrote about TACO LOCAL. I realized how much I miss having her in Jakarta now I think of her.

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Tucked in on a small street, Jalan Panglima Polim 5, Taco Local stands alongside with SATCAS, ORBIS STORE (ORBIS has a cool blog where you can browse their items) and Lomography Embassy Store Jakarta (Lomography Facebook). Jalan Panglima Polim 5 apparently is spoken as an emerging hip area of South Jakarta. I believe it. I stepped outside of the car and I asked myself where I was. The area felt as if it was a little “Austin, Texas” to my eyes.

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Taco Local is annex to Velodome Bike Shop, a cool bike shop that all the serious bikers would probably love to come and shop. My kids and their friends loved exploring the bike shop while they waited for their meals to arrive.

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Taco Local

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TACO LOCAL is a casual taco joint where you could get your taco fix. I just love the edgy and hip atmosphere this restaurant has and their tacos are tasty. My husband, a Texan, and our friends, Arizonans liked their tacos, which says a lot to me. My husband and I love Mexican food, so when we want to get Mexican, we have often gone to Hacienda in Senayan Arcadia. Now we know TACO LOCAL (& I love mom-and-pop shops), we’ll be going back to TACO LOCAL.

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This was actually my second time to visit Taco Local. This time I took my camera and had a chance to take photos (not as much as I wanted to as we were with our good friends and I didn’t want to be rude taking photos and not hanging out with them). Right before I left TACO LOCAL, I told the guys at the cashier that I would post my photos on my blog. The guy on the right in the photo above, Andre, asked me about my blog address, so I gave him the address. Andre later came to my blog and even left me a very nice comment on my About Me page! That was a really nice surprise! Thanks!

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I could go on about this place, but there are already good reviews on the web that I should leave you with them. Enjoy!

Tulisan Blog
Jakarta Globe

Apparently, TACO LOCAL is going to Bali. That’s exciting news!

Jl. Panglima Polim 5, No.38
Kebayoran Baru
(021) 9494 9538
Twitter @tacolocal
Jl. Panglima Polim 5, No. 38


  1. says

    Our family loves little cozy eateries like that! How sweet about the blog comment too!

    I clicked on Andre’s FB link and LOLed at “Profanity in American Sign Language”. (sorry I know this is such a random comment from me!)

  2. JYin Jak says

    Looks great Kaho! As a native Californian, I’ll be trying and weighing in (literally and figuratively!) very soon…

  3. says

    Thanks for the sweet review, Kaho. I’m packing my bags and suiting up for Bali tomorrow night. So…hasta luego, amigo! Send my regards to your husband and kids too.

    For those of you planning on coming over to Bali anytime soon, hit us up for your Taco Local fix. Follow us on twitter @TacoLocal (Jakarta Branch) @TacoLocalBali (Bali Branch, obviously) for news, specials, updates.
    ¿un taco?

    • says

      Awesome! Have a safe trip! Good luck with opening a shop in Bali! Post some photos on your facebook page or twitter for those who can’t fly out there to actually see it!!! I’m following both of TacoLocal twitter accounts. Gracias!

  4. says

    Heads up Kaho! There’s a new place near Taco Local called Mangia which serves up healthy food! The place is super cute :)

    (also.. I left my old blog! Starting over, building up everything from scratch :p)

    • says

      Hi! Thanks for the heads-up!! I will have to check out Mangia!!!!! It sounds like “manger” in French which means to eat. Thanks for letting me know about it! Thanks for the link to your new blog! I will come visit you there.


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