Monday Mode ☆ Summer Shorts and Sequin Shirt

sequin shirt: Banana Republic, shorts: forever 21, sandals: Bass Outlet, purse: Charles and Keith

orange dress: Old Navy, white shirt: Gymboree, skirt: Target

My sisters gave me the sequins shirt as a gift when I was in Japan. They have a good taste and always find something nice for me to wear. I wouldn’t be able to afford Banana Republic myself unless the products are on clearance or at Outlet. My husband and I drove up to an Outlet Mall in San Marcos, Texas when we were in San Antonio (while his mom and step-dad took care of our girls. Best!!) and I scored a few items there. The Banana Republic outlet shop in San Marcos has great products with amazing price compared to some other brand names.

The shorts I’m wearing are from Forever 21. It was $10 (Rp. 85,000)! I love Forever 21!! I had a chance to go to Forever 21 in Dallas, Texas, thanks to my sweet sister-in-law. She dropped me off at a mall and two hours later she came to pick me up. My husband does not have much patience when it comes to going shopping with me. I understand. It’s no fun unless you’re the one shopping. However, you have to drive to go anywhere in most places in the U.S. and when you don’t know your way around, you have to depend on someone. Thus, without my sister-in-law’s help I would’ve not been able to shop. She actually took me to this one mall because the very first H&M in Texas was opening in Dallas this summer. It turned out that it won’t open until August and I was there in July, but I had a chance to shop at Forever 21. We have Forever 21 in Jakarta, but the pricing is different. I like Forever 21 because they are inexpensive. Here in Jakarta shopping at Forever 21 is like shopping at an Old Navy store but paying the prices for GAP in the U.S.

I wore a pair of sandals I bought at Bass Outlet in San Marcos. A pair of flip flops are comfy and nice, but I like to wear sandals with my shorts because I don’t have long legs. I like wedge soles because they feel easier on my feet and also make your legs look longer.

My girls wanted to join me in the photos, so here they are. I found the orange dress that my second child is wearing at Old Navy. The shirt my first child is wearing was on clearance at Gymboree. July wasn’t maybe a sale season in Texas, so I didn’t see many good deals at other stores, but Gymboree had a great one. I got a lot of items for my first child at Gymboree and a lot for my second child at Target. It’s getting a bit tough to shop for my first kid. She’s still 6, but she wears clothes for 7-year-old and clothes for that age are getting less cute and more sophisticated.





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    Kaho, I love your fresh summer look that’s still glam with the sequins! You do NOT have short legs at all! They are long and beautiful – wanna trade? =P haha!

    I get what you mean about kids clothes getting more sophisticated as they grow older (“less cute”) but what can you do right? If only you could put them in a small pot that will keep them the same (like a bonzai LOL!). This is what all my friends with kids say. It’s great that you are treasuring the moments by taking so many gorgeous pics. And you are also creating special moments with them with these “photo shoots.” =)

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      You’re so sweet! I hope I can organize my photos… I feel like my photos are piling up and I’m not doing anything to make albums or scrap books… I’m just keeping them in here, but no prints!! Not good…

      • says

        Hey at least you have online albums where friend and family can see em! I am horrible at uploading photos on FB. I wish I were better too! I would love to do album/scrapbooks as well but there is just no time. So I plan to do the photobook! You can easily do the layout on your iPhoto then have it printed out and made into a book. It can cost about 50usd but it’s very nice glossy thick paper and it’s a book. No need to scrapbook! I wonder when I’ll have time!

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          I have another friend who uses photobook on iPhoto. I need to do that since I use iPhoto. I just have to dedicate some time for my family album. Time, time, time…

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