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dress: COLORBOX (Jakarta, Indonesia) IDR 199,000 (US$22) For more info., please scroll down.

I saw a shout out about “Stripe Mania” blog party with Pinterest on decor8 facebook page update. If you are curious, interested in joining, want to know what this is about, please visit Decor8 blog post dated on June 1, 2011 or simply click here to see the post.

If I may sum up, “Stripe Mania” is a fun online event where bloggers and blog readers contribute their photos of themselves wearing a stripe outfit, the photos of them will be collected and we can see them. Holly Becker, the founder and editor of a leading design blog “decor8” and Igor Josif, a creator and curator of Interior Design & Decoration on came up with this idea and Holly announced how to play it on her blog Decor8. She ‘pins’ photos of participants in stripe outfits on her Pinterest page.

Needless to say, I decided to join in!

You may post your photos to participate until June 12 (my birthday!). Why don’t you just grab a stripe shirt (don’t you have one in your closet?) and take a photo to send to Holly and Igor!

Coincidentally I already had a few of these first photos above of my silly self in an outfit I recently purchased at an Indonesian brand called COLORBOX. I was going to post these for Monday Mode on June 6, today. I kid you not! I usually prefer photos without my head, but for joining this “Stripe Mania” party, it is required to have a head shot. So here they are. Shamelessly…

You know what?

I must really like stripes.

Because when I was digging through my previous fashion posts, I found this…

dress: Body & Soul (Jakarta, Indonesia) IDR 199,000 (US$22) post Nov 16, 2010

and this.

Magnolia in Jakarta, Indonesia IDR 69,000 (US$ 7.5) post May 1, 2011

I could use more variety in my wardrobe, hugh…?

Since I wasn’t so happy with the first set of photos above, I decided to take some more photos wearing the same stripe outfit from COLORBOX this morning (Sunday) to post on my Monday Mode ☆ Stripe Mania. Then I dragged my girls into taking photos for it to made it a mom and daughter thing.

decor8のフェイスブックファンページが、Pinterestを利用したオンライン上の「縞模様マニア」のイベントを発表していました。興味がある方、やってみようかなという方、「縞模様マニア」イベントがどんな遊びなのかを知りたい方は、参加方法は、2011年6月1日にブログDecor8 blogに掲載された記事へ行かれるか、こちらをクリックすると、リンク先へ行きます。

写真をブロガーと読者が投稿誌、その写真をオンライン上で集め、集まった写真を皆で見るというインターネット上のイベントです。decor8の創設者であり編集者であるホリー・ベッカー(Holly Becker)と、Scoop.itというブログページのInterior Design & Decorationの著者であり管理人であるイゴール・ジョシフ(Igor Josif)が発案し、ホリーが自身のブログdecor8にてその参加方法を掲載しました。参加した方の写真を彼女がPinterestという写真掲示板のページで「ピン付け」して行きます。











Pejatan Village
Jl. Warung Jati Barat No. 39
Pasar Minggu
Jakarta Selatan 12540

Gandaria City
UG Fl Unit U 42
Jl. K. H. Safire Hazami No. 8, Jakarta

Mall Kelapa Gading
Jl. Boulevard Kelapa Gading
Kelapa Gading
Jakarta Utara 14240

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  1. says

    YES! More stripes! It’s so much fun to see everyone having so much fun with this online party. You and your girls make stripes look lovely, Kaho!

  2. says

    Wow Kaho I l ove that you are able to join these things! How fun! I on the other hand have so many IOUs to other blogs (interviews, contests, etc.) that I am daunted by such blog events =P I really admire how fast you come up with posts!

    I love that you had your daughters join in their striped outfits… it totally made the post even more fun! Thanks for making me smile. You and your daughters are so beautiful and made for the camera =D

  3. says

    Love the playful photo shoot. Your girls are going to be great beauties like their mum when they grow up :) Photos of your girls always bring a smile to my face….what a fun loving family.

  4. says

    Hi Kaho! You and your daughters look gorgeous! Did you use tripod to take the photos?
    Oh, I took the Decor8 blogging class too earlier this March (but somehow haven’t been able to update my blog regularly.. LOL )

  5. says

    Kaho, I loved your second photo! and the ones with your daughters . loved the whole photo shoot. did your eldest daughter get a hair cut? your youngest daughter is just as precious. I love her expressions!

    I’m also a big fan of stripes.

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