Spring, where did you go…?

When we went to DC to see cherry blossoms this past Saturday, it was freezing in the morning. Then today, it felt like we jumped from spring to summer all of the sudden. My car thermometer indicated 87 F. It made me sweat just by looking at it.

It’s probably better than having a rainy day in spring, but I kind of miss the beautiful cool spring weather. I would love to enjoy the spring a bit more.

I’ve been doing my spring-cleaning at home and I’ve switched my daughters’ winter clothes with spring/summer clothes. The closet looks much roomier. I’m getting rid of a lot of their winter clothes even my older daughter’s, because after we move to a tropical island, we would not need winter hand-me-downs for my younger daughter. It feels good to have more space in the closet!

Rumor says that it will get even warmer tomorrow! Are you kidding??? Then it’ll go back down to 60’s. That sounds more like an appropriate temperature for this month. My kids enjoyed playing outside today though. Spring, please don’t go yet!

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