Girls Trip & Angkor Wat Half Marathon ☆ Siem Reap, Cambodia

One of the attractions of living in Southeast Asia is that trips to neighboring countries are very accessible and inexpensive. Especially with the tickets through Air Asia, the cost of traveling within Southeast Asia can be kept low. There are many countries to visit within the region and it can be hard to pick your destinations.

One of the places that I always wanted to visit was Angkor Wat, the largest Hindu temples in the world. I’ve seen gorgeous pictures of the ruins in the Angkor region. Then a chance to go on a trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia came last December in 2012. I went on a trip to Siem Reap with 3 girl friends in Jakarta and we met up with another girl friend there. Siem Reap is a northwestern city in Cambodia and the gateway to the Angkor region. We went there to participate in a Angkor Wat Half Marathon in December, 2012. Three of my girl friends ran 10K and one of them ran a half marathon. I only did a 3K as I was 25 weeks pregnant at that time and I didn’t want to risk my pregnancy. I’ll write about the experience in a separate post.

I plan on writing about the trip in Seam Reap in the next several posts. I have some places I would like to recommend to my friends and readers if they go to Seam Reap.

Main Street in Seam Reap, Cambodia

Night Market
Cool place to shop.

The Blue Pumpkin Cafe
This was our favorite place to eat.

Senteurs d’Angkor and Workshop
I did most of my souvenir shopping at Senteurs d’Angkor and Kokoon, which is a branch shop of Senteurs d’Angkor.


These photos above are the brief previews of my future posts. I am nowhere near professional in photography, but I hope you can feel the magnificence and mysteriousness that moved me through my photos of the ruins.

The orange looked very pretty in the sunny city. You can even have a Mexican Food in Siem Reap! I didn’t have a chance to try this restaurant though. They have a great happy hour I would’ve tried if I were not pregnant. Especially coming from Jakarta, the alcoholic beverages in Cambodia felt super cheap.


    • daphne girod says

      I also can not wait to see your posts and placed to see as I am planning a trip to Siem Reap the end of November.

      • says

        Thanks! I think the weather will be nice at the end of Nov. I loved Siem Reap. I had so much fun eating, shopping, sight-seeing and getting massages.

  1. Iris says

    Hi! I ‘m pregnant and I want so badly to go to Cambodia. I will be 25 qweeks pregnant by the time we arrange the trip. Did you have any issues finding clean food and water? Would you recommend it?

    • says

      Hi, Iris! I was at 25 weeks when I went there! I had no problem. I found the food in Siem Reap clean and delicious and I did not get sick even a bit! It was very easy to find water. As long as your pregnancy goes normally and you don’t have any issues, I think it would be just fine. I’m not a doctor, so don’t quote me on that, but I did it at 25 weeks and I had no problem. I even got on the tuk-tuk and they drove very safely in Siem Reap unlike in Bangkok. Yes, I recommend it.

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