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These photos are taken at my husband’s grandmother’s home. This house to me is the ultimate American home. It is beautiful, warm, and welcoming. It is the house that Grandma has taken care of with love and care. It is the place where the families gather during holidays or when out-of-town family members come back to visit. It is the heart of the family and Grandma is the center of it.

The very first time I stepped into her house was 12 and a half years ago and it felt like an electric shock to see such beautifully decorated house. I have always been interested in interior design, but the day I visited her home was the beginning of my true interest in decorating home. The way she decorated her home was eye-opening to me as a Japanese since it’s so different from what I was used to and being at her place was all learning experiences to me. Her daughter, my mother-in-law and her grand-daughter, my sister-in-law are also very good with decorating their homes. It must run in the family.

Grandma’s back yard is absolutely gorgeous. It provides a place for family to relax and enjoy company. The swimming pool in the back yard makes a beautiful landscape while it entertains people during summer. We had so much fun playing in the pool. While our older daughter is a fish who could stay in the swimming pool all day long, our second daughter is like a little kitty who does not enjoy being in the water so much and would rather snack. So, there she was in the kitchen eating some snack.

I hope you enjoyed viewing some photos of Grandma’s home. There are more to her house, but I didn’t get to it. I was there to be with the family, not to take pictures. It’s hard to balance the two; having conversation and taking photos. I seem to not manage both at the same time.

I do not know when I can update my blog again, but I will try whenever I get the next chance! Till then!


  1. says

    Wait, the lady with silver hair is the Grandma?? She’s beautiful!!
    Now I know why Mr. P who grew up in this stylish family got married to someone like you who have a great taste in home decor! :)

  2. Ike says

    Ms. Kaho, I was by incident found your blog when I search for the Japanese supermarket around Jakarta Selatan. I am crazy about Japanese food. Your blog is very nice, with beautiful pictures, and lay out. I live in Jakarta also.
    Your husband’s grandma home is very, very nice. A very beautiful American home. I couldn’t help resist posting a commet. I am a fan of your blog. Keep up updating your blog.


  1. […] During our stay in San Antonio, Texas, my husband’s home, this time, his grandmother hosted a beautiful dinner for us and her family. It was lovely and very special to us. The table was meticulously set. The food she prepared was delicious. Everything seemed polished. I always love going to her beautifully decorated home. She and my husband’s mom, the daughter of her, are the two inspirations who have triggered more interest in interior design for me. I’d like to say that Grandma’s overall style is Country Chic, but the dining area looked more Shabby Chic to me. What do you think? If you are interested in the photos of Grandma’s home, you may see more photos of my her home in the post which I wrote last summer. […]

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