Rent-A-Field in Tokyo ☆ Farming Experience

After our fabulous trip in Texas, my three kids and I stopped by in Tokyo before returning to our home in Jakarta, Indonesia and spent a week with my family. I try to make a point to visit our families at least once a year during summer because we live far away from both sides of our families being in Indonesia. This summer we stayed in Tokyo only for a week and it felt too short, but I am thankful that I was able to stay with my family with the three kids, which is a lot to ask.

My dad who is fully retired, started renting a little farm recently not far from our home and takes farming classes on weekends. He took my girls to the little field he rented and they had a chance to harvest some vegetables. The girls loved it and it was a great hands-on experience for them to learn where vegetables come from and how they grow. My dad is doing a great job growing vegetables. It’s hard for me to feed water to plants who don’t talk. I can’t even keep small plants alive for a month myself!



I had fun snapping shots of the girls who enjoyed harvesting vegetables at the field.


I am back in Jakarta after spending three weeks in Texas and a week in Tokyo. My sister was visiting us in Jakarta for a week after our return in Jakarta, but she just left to go back to Japan. Now I have no excuse for not blogging. I have so many photos I would like to post. Now that our vacation is over that it’s time for me to set a routine again and get adjusted back to more of a regular schedule. Summer break from school is nice because I don’t have to worry about getting up early in the morning, making lunch for my first daughter, helping homework and putting kids to bed by a certain hour. I hope I can keep up with a school routine again.



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