Project KOI XV ☆ Dining Set

It’s been a while I posted photos for Project KOI, the photos of the furniture sold at KOI of which I take photos at KOI Gallery in Kemang. I took these photos of furniture sold at KOI Kemang in June before I left for vacation. I haven’t gotten around to post them until now and it’s already the end of September. Ah, I wish I was more organized and motivated!!

For styling this dining set, I used simple props. I wanted the details of the furniture to be the focus of this set. I love the painting that is hanging on the wall for its abstract, simple, yet warm look. I can see myself having something like that in my house. Except I cannot afford the beautiful painting.

Project KOIのために写真を掲載するのは久しぶりです。Project KOIとは、KOIクマンのギャラリーで販売されている家具の写真のことで、撮影に携わっています。6月上旬に休暇に出る前にこれらの家具の写真を撮影しました。今までこの写真を掲載する時間が無かったのですが、もう9月も終わりなんですね。もっと計画性とやる気が欲しいです。


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