Project KOI ☆ Restaurant Bar & Wednesday Ladies Night

I’m back to post my photo project at KOI. I have a couple of more sets I can share on Thursdays. This photo shoot was a fun one and I enjoyed it not to mention after I shot the gorgeous food and drinks I had a chance to taste them. Oh no, I didn’t finish them all.

This photo shoot was more challenging one in a sense that it had to be done under a poor lighting. Since my camera does not do so well indoors to begin with and the lighting was very soft, it forced me to think hard for the way to capture the best angle to catch the light as much as I can under the circumstances. I did not want to hike up the ISO as it makes images very grainy, so I tried to stick with 100 on ISO since it is a still subject, which meant that I had to slow down the shutter speed. Therefore, unless I hold the camera still like a tripod and not shake my hands at all, my photos would turn blurry. That is impossible, so I placed a camera on the counter or found a support for stabilization. I finally purchased a tripod, so I shouldn’t have the same issues for lighting any more.

Every Wednesday at KOI Kemang is the Ladies Night and KOI offers special discount prices for selected cocktails at a bar. I had a chance to try these bar food as well as cocktails at KOI Kemang when I went there to take some photos at their bar. I should have taken notes, but I didn’t and I cannot tell you what these are, but here’s a little bit about them. The savory fries are flavored with herbs and salt and comes with delicious sauce. This dish is quite addictive. Then the sliced baguette with shaved cheese is also a great company for your drinks for the night. As for drinks, the green drink is mojito and the red one was a cocktail with lychee, if I remember correctly. (I will have to get back to you on this one.) All I can say is everything was delicious. (Please note that all I write here in my little blog is voluntary.)


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    It looks gorgeous – you’ve done a nice job with the short depth of field as well, very atmospheric. I wish I could go there for a drink and a snack!

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    Very very good pictures there!! I struggle on food coordinating (positioning and stuff) when taking pictures, but you did an amazing job!!
    This post is the kind of post that reminds me (again) to save for a DSL, ^^;

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    I want that red martini, even though I have no idea what lychee is.
    wonderful job on the photos Kaho, you were met with a challenge (poor lightning) and your talent came through!

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