Preah Khan & Preah Neak Pean ☆ Angkor, Cambodia


Preah Khan and Preah Neak Pean were the last two ruins out of five we visited on the first day of our sightseeing tour. You can tell from the number of photos I took here compared to three other sites that my arms were getting tired of taking photos. The stone carvings at this temple were quite amazing. The entrance with huge statues pulling snake must have looked magnificent when they were first built.


Preah Neak Pean was a large square man-made pond. I didn’t know that it was most photogenic during the wet season and fortunately when we went, it was just after the rainy season was over. We walked on a pier to get to the end and saw the ruin in the pond.

The sun was bright when we visited Angkor in December, but it wasn’t as hot as it looks. When walking in the shade, it was quite comfortable and the breeze felt nice and chill.

Thanks for visiting to look at my photos of Preah Khan and Preah Neak Pean in Angkor. I hope you enjoyed the photos.


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    What a magnificent site ! Wish I’ll have the opportunity to visit one day… Always reminds me the end of the movie In the Mood for Love.


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