Political Aspirations

I had never been to a political campaign fundraising party until this past Saturday.

The party was for David Boling who is running for Congress representing the State of Arkansas. He is the husband of my Japanese friend, Mine, whom I befriended here in Arlington since I came back here from overseas a year and a half ago.

I found out that Mine’s husband decided to run for Congress and moved back to the state by himself to prepare for his campaign at the beginning of this year. They made the decision for her to stayed behind with her two kids here so that they can finish their schools. Selfishly I was very glad to know that we would have her and her daughter (my daughter’s friend) here until this summer.

I have had a chance to peek at the side of this political campaign that I have never seen in person; the support that the family of a candidate gives and sacrifice they make for the campaign. I can’t imagine what it feels like to be in her shoes to take care of her family and other business all by herself while she supports her husband from afar. The campaigning just started a couple of months ago and it seems that Mine’s life has drastically changed already. This is just a beginning and knowing that, I am awed by it. She keeps a very busy schedule with her kids and is always active with some volunteer and other jobs she does. Nevertheless, every time I see her, she has a smile on her face and positive attitude and makes what she does look so easy. I think I would’ve been pulling my hair with all the pressure I would feel.

Witnessing Mine and her family strive for David’s dream as a family is very inspiring. I wish them the very best of luck and successful campaign. David san and Mine san, ganbattene!!

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