Plaza Indonesia

shirt: zara sweater: old navy belt: zara
I got both my shirt and belt from a sales rack at ZARA.

I found these wall design very inspiring.

These dresses were designed by Sally Koeswanto’s, one of the most influential fashion designers in Indonesia. I find her showcase and posters unique and very attractive. The mannequins look a little creepy to my liking, but the dresses and the design of the showcase were absolutely stunning and dramatic.


My friend told me that there is MUJI at Plaza Indonesia, and I was delighted to hear that. I don’t have pictures here, but the interior design of the store is a bit industrial, yet cozy and clean look. Loved visiting the store.

Starbucks is everywhere!

We had dinner at “Sushi Tei”. It was a sushi go round restaurant which seemed to be very popular among local people. When we left the restaurant, there were many people waiting outside to be seated. I would say that the prices are reasonable for sushi and the fish was fresh. Because it was dark inside the restaurant, I couldn’t take many photos of the interior, but it was quite modern and chic.

This hit the spot.
Thanks, hubby!

Plaza Indonesia was full of entertainment. Just walking around inside the shopping mall was pure fun! I cannot wait to go back to check out more stores.


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    Lovely to meet you! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind comments. It’s so nice to meet a fellow stay-at-home Mum who blogs!! Your blog is really lovely and I look forward to your future posts and getting to know you more. Looks like you had a wonderful day of shopping – your outfit looks great, something I’d definitely wear – you have a great sense of style. Enjoy your week x

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