Monday Mode ☆ Pink Flair Shirt & Gray Polkadot Skirt

It’s been a while since I wrote a Monday Mode post. It’s been challenging to take photos of my girls lately for the purpose of Monday Mode because they would not necessarily wear what I would like them to wear. They both have become more particular about their clothing. Not necessarily about styling though. It’s been like that with my first, but now my second daughter has opinions about what she wears. It was work to convince my second one to wear this adorable pink shirt which my sisters gave her for her birthday last year. I love the shirt. She wore it without any problems for a couple of times, then I noticed that she hadn’t worn it in a while. I asked her to put it on the other day and there came a battle. She’s so much about how the clothes feel on her body. According to her, the back of the raffle does not feel good on her chest. I managed to take these photos and unfortunately she changed into something else. Because my sisters bought it for her (I know that they spent some money on it. They are like that.), I want her to make a good use of it. It’s good have opinions. Not when I want them to wear the clothes I like though.



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    Oh how I missed Monday Mode!
    I can totally see how it can cause a big battle. Good thing I don’t need to take pictures to show to anyone!

  2. saori says

    ジャカルタに帰ってから、ブログよくアップデートしてるね! 偉いです!!!
    妹ちゃん かわいいね! でも私は、お姉ちゃんの顔も好き♪ 妹ちゃんは

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