Our 3-Year-Old’s First Haircut & Bangs

Our second daughter had the first haircut this past Sunday. It all started spontaneous. When I was cutting my first daughter’s bangs in my bathroom on Sunday, December 19, 2010, my younger one walked in and asked if she could have a haircut as well.
I didn’t give my first girl a haircut until after she had turned three. We learned from our Israeli couple friends that in Israel boys don’t get their first haircut until their 3rd birthdays. I thought that was a really neat custom, so I adopted the part of not cutting the hair till 3 years old for my own children even though ours are girls. I loved seeing the tips of baby hair on my girls for 3 years! Both times after the haircut, my husband was the only one who was sad about shorter hair. Apparently he likes their hair long!

Here you are looking at two things; bangs and bruise. I feel the need to add an explanation. She tripped and bumped her face on the coffee table. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Listen! I’m telling you the truth! Don’t you hate it when your kid trips and bruises in such place that people might think you’re doing something at home? Sigh.

My second child has my husband’s colors and was born with blond hair, so cutting the tip of blond hair with cute curls was a big deal to me and my husband. She doesn’t have this any more!

My husband says it’s my fault she no longer has these curls. Honey, we have to cut her hair at some point. Otherwise she’ll look like Sasquatch.


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    Oh my, they are so cute!!! I also don’t want to cut my son’s hair (even if my husband would love to although he’s Israeli…) but I had to cut it a little bit in the front as it was getting in his eyes…I just did it last week end and I did a terrible job I must say, the hairdo looks a little bit like the Beetles style short on the front and long on the back, but of course not so neat :-( bad hairdresser I am!

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    Chinese people shave the whole head when babies turn 1 month!!! Boys AND girls. They say kids get more hair that way and more hair is better…

    She looks cute either way :-) You just need to keep the hair if you miss it, right?! That’s what we did!!

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      I think Senegalese did the same to their babies. They are usually born without much hair anyways, so I guess it doesn’t matter to them if their head is shaved or not when they are so little!! But, I wouldn’t be able to shave my kids head! Mine didn’t grow much hair until they are 6 months!

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    Hi Kaho, Awwww… I love your daughter’s rings and sad to see them go! I used to have ringlets as well… but it went away after all the cutting and as my hair got thicker. I hope your daughter’s curls grow back!

  4. Rina says

    First of all, I`m a big fan of your blog and loooooove of everything of your beautiful photos and things you feature here. I love decor rooms and certainly your blog has been a big inspiration for our recent decor!!
    Bangs look so-oo cute on Yuena-chan :)
    I’ve been thinking of cutting my daughter Isla’s hair sometime, as I personally like changing hair style and cut+style my own hair.
    But like Yuena-chan, Isla has nice curls and her hair just looks gorgeous with it. But I’ve noticed her long hair in the front started to bothering her eyes which made me think of cutting it shorter…haven’t been able to make decision though!!!
    One of my kiwi friends did shave her daughter`s hair off when she was a baby…as she heard after shaving, your baby`s hair grow back stronger and more…but it was totally a myth and the result was in fact disaster in a way! Obviouisly her daughter lost her beautiful blond hair to start with and now she turns 4yrs old, she never had a hair cut however her hair is not even touching her shoulders!!
    …I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody…lol

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      Thank you so much, Rina!!! Your comment is very encouraging to me. It gave me more motivation and incentive to keep blogging. As for the hair cut, I was ready to cut my second daughter’s hair and I love the bangs, but even with me, I wish I didn’t cut her curls off. I first cut the bangs and liked it, but the bangs didn’t look good with the shaggy looking hair in the back, so I chopped off the back hair, too. She loved it, but now I’m not sure if I really like the straight line she has. I might have to give her a little more layers.

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