On the Streets of Jakarta

I love watching people, cars and motorcycles on the streets of Jakarta. There are rules, but they are as if nonexistent. What I see on streets in this gigantic city is very different from what I’m familiar with. I think cars in this city drive like they dance. You pay attention to how others are driving and read what others will do next. What is especially new to me is that it is very common to see a whole family on a motorcycle. It scares me a bit to see young children on there and I can only hope that they won’t have a wreck or collision.

I hope you enjoyed the collection of my photos…


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    Hi Kaho! it is quite different here in Asia… people are not as careful and scared while driving, and it is true that children are commonly riding the motorbikes with their parents and without helmets… scary, but aren’t we doing too much in the west?

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      I don’t know much about the regulations in Europe. Car seat regulations in the U.S. recently changed (This past June and the kids have to have a booster seat till much older than before) and this change makes it hard for travelers from afar… Sigh. I find it a bit too much. You might know, but in the States the traffic laws are different depending on each state and Texas allows motorcyclists to ride their motorcycles without a helmet (last time I heard). It always scared me to see bikers on motorcycles without helmets on interstates in Texas because they ride so fast. Our friend who’s a doctor and worked in an ER said that he had seen some gruesome injuries and it is suicidal not to wear a helmet…

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