My Tooth & Dentist in Jakarta ☆ 歯とジャカルタの歯科医

You might laugh at me, but I chipped my tooth in the upper back over this past weekend, because I neglected a tooth with decay. I didn’t even know. Ouch. At least no one could see it. The good news is that there are some good dentists in Jakarta. I found a wonderful orthodontist here thanks to my friend. I will write about the dental office I went today on Friday. You might think that it is funny that I want to feature a dental clinic in Jakarta on my blog. If you live overseas, especially in a country where many people travel to Singapore for medical care including dental care, it is quite important to know a good dentist. It was not as expensive as going to Singapore (unless your insurance pays for it or something), but the cost was as high as in the States. Kids, make sure you take care of your teeth!!! When you have an issue in your mouth, that’s all you think about until the problem is fixed. I am so glad it was taken care of, but man, it was ‘ouch’ in our bank account. There goes my birthday present! I told my husband, I don’t need a birthday gift this year. I spent the money on my tooth. Sob, sob.

I posted some information about the dentist I went on a post dated June 2, 2011. (It is 3 days after this post.) Her name is Dr. Erwin Bakrie. You can see the information here.


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    Oh sigh, talking about dentist, I too need to get it checked! I’ve been noticing slight ache from my molars whenever I eat sweets/candy/chocs :/

    Hope your tooth’s all good and healthy after this ouch checkup :)

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      Yes. Now my tooth is great, but the expenditure was painful! :) I don’t know why, but until things start to go down, I tend to neglect issues that require going to a dentist.

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    I totally know what you mean sweety! I had pasta done in Manila (not for cavity but more for vanity haha!) And I had it done by a prostho (one of my by best friend specializes in cosmetic dentistry) And because of my vigorous flossing, I chipped it. I couldn’t exactly ignore it because it was a front tooth and after having had braces and spending so much on my teeth already, I didn’t want a place for cavity to flourish. So I went to an ortho/cosmetic dentist here and the tinee-tiny repair cost me 50 usd! When the original capping in the Phils cost me only 20 usd! Ack. But yeah you have to go to a really good dentist/doctor here who speaks english because u don’t wanna mess up your teeth/health right? She was totally worth it though.. top of the line equip (even better than anything I’ve seen in the Phils), she was working on my teeth through some sort of microscope (whoa!) and she had 2 assistants! How much did your dentist charge u for your molar?

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      Wow, thanks for sharing your story! Vigorous flossing… You’re funny! Dr. Erwina speaks English well. For my molar, the price I paid is mentioned in the post “Friday Finds ☆ Dental Arts Dr. Erwin Bakrie” dated on June 2, 2011. You can see it here. In the second paragraph!


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