My Princess Jasmine And Her Day-Care

My daughter’s favorite activity is to dress up like a princess. This outfit as Princess Jasmine in the movie “Aladdin” is one of her favorite outfits at her French play school/day-care in South Jakarta. She’s finishing this play school this year and I’m sad to realize that she’s not going back to this baby school after this summer. It is a wonderful place. I absolutely love it because of the teacher and nannies as well as the parents. The people who surround you make difference in your life, don’t they? It’s even more so in a life overseas.


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    I agree with SEO, sooooo adorable! She makes a wonderful Princess Jasmin! I agree with you… the people that surround you do make a great difference. We are continuously changing and growing and the people around us, whether we realize it or not, are also shaping us!

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    Seeing your daughter, makes me wanna play dress up too (cosplay? lol)!! My fav. princess is also Princess Jasmin (plus Rapunzel^^). Have you and the girls watched Disney on Ice at Jakarta?

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      Sweet! I think Princess Jasmin rocks. No, I haven’t taken the girls to the Disney on Ice. I think they would love the show though!!

  3. Resa says

    Dear parents,

    I just want to update a day care (My Tootsie Bear Child Care) that located in Bellagio Apartment, Mega Kuningan, South Jakarta.
    After we (My Tootsie Bear’s Child Care) separate the place between baby and toddler’s units, now we expand a place at the toddler one. Our purpose is to classify the kids due to the age in the classroom in learning activity, so that both teachers and kids will be more concentration and will achieve the target due to the class orientation.
    It’s not only for that, we will also open “Enrichment Program” starting next August, 2012. Our Enrichment Program contents with some of fun activities, such as Dance (traditional, modern, ballet); Drawing & Coloring; English and Mandarin Club; and Music Class (Piano). The time will be after school hour and it’s around 15.00-17.00 WIB, so this Enrichment Program is not only can be followed by My Tootsie Bear’s Kids, but also can be followed by the kids from outside.
    If you need more information about My Tootsie Bear Child Care’s Programs, please do not hesitate to contact me, Ms. Resa, at 021 – 7089 2889 / 021 – 300 29893 / 0819 0509 7274.
    Thanks and have a nice day!!! 

    Web :
    Fb : My Tootsie Bear Child Care


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