My Friend’s Camera and Random Photos

I took the above pictures with my friend’s SLR several months ago. I’ve taken all of the photos on this blog thus far with my own digital camera. This friend I mentioned here is a photographer. I plan on writing about her and how she influenced me in photography (even though I am no where near being good…) soon. I would love to write about her and post it tonight, but I am way too sleepy to type right now. I’m dozing off in front of my (our) computer. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Can’t do it…

Anyways, this friend of mine kindly let me borrow her SLR so that I can practice how to take photos with it since I asked her to teach me how to use it while I have the resource. I love her photography.

Not that I have people waiting for me to post except for my sisters, I had an urge to post one today. I want to keep this going everyday as much as I can afford to do so. I’m afraid that the momentum will disappear if I let go of it even if it’s one day. It’s like exercising for me. If I stop it, it is tough to get back to it.

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