Monday Mode

tank top: OLD NAVY, sweater: gossip, necklace: H&M, pants: forgot the name of the boutique, but I purchased them at ITC Permata Hijau





shirt: Miley Cyrus & Max Azria (purchased at Millenia), pants: Gap, belt: ZARA

scarf: H&M

scarf: gift from friend


dress:H&M, necklace: gift


Hello, Monday! I moved my wardrobe column over here on Monday from Wednesday as I wanted to start an interior design topic related column on Wednesdays. I like Mondays, but I know that Monday is not always a welcomed day of a week, so I thought that fashion might give a good kick-start of a new week.

For those who are wondering why I am still wearing a summer clothes in December, it is because my family and I live in a city that lies on a tropical island. Jakarta, Indonesia. I miss the cold weather for the holiday season, but I have no complain as it’s easy to live in a climate like this. No need to worry about coats, mittens, hats, etc.

On the other hand, one thing that I find difficult to style clothes in a hot weather is creating variation with limited items to use. I use layering and accessorizing as a tool to give variation to my wardrobe since I really don’t have many clothes. I miss using different kinds of scarves, being able to wear a winter hat, vest, jacket, coat, boots, socks, you name it. But, I try. I try to be creative.

Being a stay-at-home-mom and not having an extra income, followings are the characters of my styling.

1. clothes that are nice to my wallet = inexpensive
2. not too dressy, but comfortable enough dressiness = SAHM style dressy casual?
3. accessories to give variation (jewelry, scarves, belts, etc)
4. my group of colors = summer colors (based on color analysis)

What do you keep in mind when you style your clothes?

I hope you will have a wonderful week!!


  1. says

    I am on a budget too when it comes to shopping now… but don’t we appreciate more the little we buy? I do.
    I like the H&M purple dress on you, it’s very feminine and sweet. And the white necklace (last picture) is just amazing; what a master-piece!
    Don’t complain about your body shape, you have a great figure!

  2. says

    the look with the pink scarf, very classy, feminine. Anything looks good on you girl!

    my style is more about being comfortable. I could live in jeans and shirts but my older sister is my fashion consultant heehee so when she sees photos of me she gives me advice, “umm Elisa, that outfit, it lacked something, why don’t you add a necklace or a chunky bracelet?” so you see Kaho, your blog inspires to take my outfits up a notch and makes my sister proud!

    Happy Monday Mode!

  3. says

    I agree – I can layer different colors in winter with coats and scarves! But these years in the tropical weather will brush you up even more!!
    I love how you coordinate summer colors. I may suggest this blog to my “summer” type clients! :-)

  4. says

    I love your outfits! They do not look inexpensive at all! On the contrary, you manage to make casual look so very elegant and chic Kaho! I wish I took as much effort as you! But since I am perpetually late – I usually have a sort of uniform already hehe!


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