Monday Mode ☆ Shirts by Magnolia – Indonesian Fashion Brand

I have been on the lookout for inexpensive, yet cute design clothing stores in Jakarta. And I finally found one. It’s called Magnolia ! These tops are all from Magnolia. Each item here is between Rp. 69,000 (about $7) and Rp. 119,000 (about $12). Isn’t it bargain?

I like looking at fashion blogs. Do you? I find it such a fascinating phenomenon we see today now that fashion blogs are so huge and they have produced some models and blog celebrities. Anyways, one thing I’m impressed with them is that the amount of clothes they own and show on their blogs. Well, some of them have a store and they wear what they sell. Lucky them. Some big blogger names might receive some sample clothes to try on their blog.

As a parent of two children, managing a household with one income (I’m fortunate that my husband works), I usually don’t have a big budget to allocate for my wardrobe. I always wonder how some mothers manage to buy some nice pricy items because raising kids can be expensive.

I love the cute design and the colors the designer use and on top of the two, the prices are very reasonable at Magnolia. It’s the best! Needless to say, I enjoyed shopping at Magnolia. There is one Magnolia store at Senayan City Shopping Mall, a fancy shopping mall in Jakarta. I found out that there is another one in Pondok Indah Mall 2 as well.

This shirt looks quite ordinary from the front, but when you see the back, it’s so cute!!

One thing I noticed with this design is that this shirt makes you look bustier. I don’t want to give an impression that I like to talk about stuff like that as I wrote a post where I mentioned the size of chest in the recent past. I feel that I can’t help talking about how my body looks in certain clothes sometimes… Forgive me! I usually look pathetic in a T-shirt (sad, sad), but in this shirt, without using a Victoria’s Secret’s super push-up bra (I don’t own one anyways. What’s the point? I’m not going to impress my husband as he knows the truth.) It was quite interesting to discover that…

MAGNOLIA in Jakarta
Senayan City Shopping Mall (Central Jakarta)
Pondok Indah Shopping Mall (South Jakarta)


  1. says

    Dear Kaho, thanks so much for sharing this find! I have been looking for that exact top (the gray one) for so long now! I hope they have them in my size!! I have a black version which needs to retire however I love it so much I still wear it. I will go to Magnolia soon to see if they have it in black!

  2. says

    That second blouse belongs in my wardrobe! and the gray one with the interesting back, I also love it!

    awwwww I won’t deny I miss shopping,but currently it’s not in our budget to buy clothes, we have bigger things (home, car, furniture) to purchase…..

  3. says

    I know Magnolia! (in PIM2) love the price! very friendly price indeed…
    I think now you can see these hongkong/korea imported (and Indonesia of course!) shops at almost every big malls now! (check Gaudi or Yellow line)
    Esp. I still get headache shopping in ITC or Tanah Abang (you are a super Japanese, lol!) so budget shopping in high class malls is a sin!!

  4. says

    @The dipwife I think you’ll enjoy shopping at Magnolia! I see you in their clothes.
    @ Yumi You’re always so sweet.
    @moonberry Thanks for visiting!!
    @Elisa I hear you. You just have to hit Target and Old Navy when they have sales!
    @Tazki Thanks! I love bargain shopping! I like ITC and Tanah Abang as well!

  5. Yana says

    Hi, i really love Magnolia clothes.. But they closed the Singapore outlet. Is there any way i can get their clothes? Most of my clothes are from them. I just love it soo much til im quite upset that they closed down here. Hope to hear from u soon :)

    Best Regards

    • says

      Hello! Unfortunately, I’m not the right person to ask that question. I don’t have the answer for you. I am sorry! I tried to find their information online, but I wasn’t successful. If I find any information for contact, I will put it here. Thanks for leaving me a comment!

  6. Redna says

    Last time I bought floral leggings at Pondok Indah Mall. My sister wants them too. How can I buy the legging, since the stock was sold out? Thanks

    • says

      Redna, thank you for finding my blog. Since I am not affiliated with the PIM, I don’t know the answer. Please ask the store keeper at Pondok Indah Mall for that question. Thank you!


  1. […] MAGNOLIA is one of my favorite clothing brand I find in Jakarta Indonesia. MAGNOLIA is an Indonesian brand as far as I know. It’s like H&M or Forever 21 in terms of design and pricing. The collection is much much smaller than what you can find at H&M, but it’s comparable. By the way, Forever 21 here is different from Forever 21 in the States. The pricing is much more upscale at Forever 21 in Jakarta. If Forever 21 USA is Old Navy, Forever 21 Indonesia is like GAP. […]

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