Wednesday Wall2Wall ☆ Middle Eastern Food For Foodie Night

These are photos from the Foodie Night I hosted at my place recently. What’s Foodie Night? One of my friends started a group of women to get together once a month for a potluck style dinner on Friday night. Each time a theme for the food is picked and each participant brings food to go with the theme. You make one dish and you get to eat other dishes your friends make. Good deal, right?

Since I hosted this time, I picked Middle East as our theme and decorated my home to create a little more mood for the evening. Going to the Arabian Night costume party a couple of weeks ago definitely helped to get myself in the right mood for it.

I used what I already had in the house to decorate with. I picked up a bird cage made by Kalingga at Kem Chicks Supermarket on Kemang Raya in Kemang. I picked it up for our kids room, but I decided to use it as a center piece decoration just for this party. The red cloth on the coffee table is a sarong from one of the islands in Indonesia. The table cloth on the dining table is from Senegal which my husband got me a long time ago when we lived there. The tapestry that I basically taped on the ceiling is the one my husband had since his collage years.

I didn’t take any photos of our food as I was entertaining, but we had a great spread and everything was delicious. I made Middle Eastern Eggplant Salad and Khoshaf, Dried Fruit Salad. Now I’m inspired to try more Middle Eastern Food at home!



ムード作りの飾りは家にあるものを使ってみました。テーブルの上にあるKalinggaの鳥かごは、クマン通りにあるKem Chicksスーパーマーケットにあって気に入って、子供部屋に買ったもので、コーヒーテーブルのセンターピースに使ってみました。コーヒーテーブルの上の赤い布は、実はインドネシアのどこかの島からのお土産の巻きスカートです。ダイニングテーブルに使ったテーブルクロスは、セネガルに住んでいた頃夫が買ってくれた布です。天井に張ってある布は、夫が大学時代から持っているインドのタペストリーです。


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  1. says

    What an excellent idea to get together regularly with your friends, Kaho! I really love how you decorated the ceiling (so inventive!) and your table scape.

    The 2 lighting in the back of the drink bar looked gorgeous! What are those?

  2. says

    Your house looks lovely and I love how you decorated it so moody. Very nice!
    My husband bought me a tagine a long time ago, and I realized that I haven’t used it. Your middle east spread inspires me to start using it…

  3. says

    That sounds like a great idea! I should maybe do something like that with my friends here too! having an Israeli husband I obviously LOVE middle eastern food especially the mythical eggplant salad….is one of my fav things to do and eat!

  4. says

    What a fun night you must have had- it sounds like you decorated perfectly for the theme and it’s great you were able to finds things around your home to do so.

  5. kimberly says

    I love your blog! I am about to be moving to Jakartaand was very nervous,but your blog has made me excited…. even the challenging ones! I am from texas so knowing your part texan….lol…the husband part lol.helped me to relate. anyway good job and thank you 😉

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