Meeting Our Friends’ Baby

Our good friends had a baby about little less than 2 weeks ago. We went over to their house to meet the baby for the first time this past Friday. I had a chance to hold her and she weighed like a feather and looked like a baby doll. She was born as the 3rd child and has two brothers who adore her. Her parents, our good friends, looked glowing with joy.

My older daughter has always been interested in babies ever since she was a year old. This time again she asked if she could hold the baby and she would just sit with her on her lap for a long time. Can you tell how eager she was from the picture above when she’s staring at the baby and my friend as she waits patiently in the chair for her turn to hold the baby? My second one was too busy playing with the toys. What a difference!

This past Friday was the last day of my older daughter’s preschool. She has gone to two preschools in the past two years and one of them was at the Washington-Lee High School in Arlington, Virginia. From this fall, she will go to kindergarten. When I went to pick up my daughter, I talked with one teacher who taught the early childhood development class to high school students. The teacher said “after elementary school time goes by really fast and the next thing you know is your child’s high school graduation. Your child leaves for college and you say to yourself ‘where did all this time go?'”

My older daughter is finally starting a compulsory education. The past 5 and a half years were the most dense years I’ve ever lived. When I look back, my memories from these years are still vivid at certain time periods. In retrospect it was definitely positive that I stayed home to be her side to see her grow up all 5 and a half years. The decision was more situational, but I can say that I am thankful for it after surviving it. I can see how time can fly after kindergarten, but I hope I can feel the same way as I do now at every mile stone that will come up in the future.


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