Monday Mode ☆ Little Things She Needs, Forever 21 & Gap

head-piece & earrings: the little things she needs
The Little Things She Needs
shirt: Gap (Tokyo), jeans: forever 21 (the U.S.)
shirt (gray): forever 21 (the U.S.), tank top: Banana Republic (the U.S.), jeans: forever 21 (the U.S.)

My head doesn’t hold a headband well, so I don’t get to wear a headband often, so hair clip is easier for me. I found this feather hair clip and earrings at The Little Things She Needs which you can find at many shopping malls in Jakarta. I found them at Grand Indonesia, but you can find The Little Things She Needs at CITOS (Cilandak Town Square) and Senayan City. The prices were probably around $4 each if I remember correctly. The Little Things She Needs is a really fun shop for girls and women to look for cute and stylish shoes, sandals and some accessories such as earrings, necklaces and so forth. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I highly recommend you going there. You’ll have fun!

The gray GAP shirt I’m wearing in the second photos is from Tokyo. I always find better deals for my size at a GAP store in Tokyo than one in the U.S. The gray shirt was on sale for 1,700 yen ($22). I found the same shirt on sale for $24 in the U.S. Even with the crazy exchange rate, it was cheaper to buy the same shirt in Tokyo than in the States. I have a difficult time finding cute items on sale at GAP in the States, but in Tokyo there are always really cute stuff on sale with great prices. Who says Tokyo is expensive? Not everything is more expensive in Tokyo with this economy for sure.

私の頭の形はあまりヘアーバンドには適していないようで、ヘアーバンドをあまり使う事が無いので、髪留めだと使いやすいです。この羽のクリップとイヤリングはジャカルタのモールでよく見かけるThe Little Things She Needsというお店で見つけました。このクリップとイヤリングはグランドインドネシアのThe Little Things She Needsで見つけたのですが、同じお店はチトス/CITOS (Cilandak Town Square) とセナヤンシティー(Senayan City)にもあります。値段は、記憶が正しければ400円くらいだった気がします。もしまだThe Little Things She Needsに行った事が無ければ、是非ジャカルタに居る間に行ってみて下さい。お手頃で可愛いデザインの靴、サンダル、そしてイヤリングやネックレスなどのアクセサリーが見つけられますよ。かなりお勧めです。


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  1. says

    The feather earrings and clip are so hip! I’m loving the feather trends too… I agree with you that Tokyo or Japan is not always expensive. Jakarta is becoming more and more expensive if you know what I mean. I miss the 300yen bento and Uniqlo. Gotta write a shopping list for those things I can get in Japan for less!

  2. says

    Oh yeah I adore that hair clip, remember?! I love it. Too bad it’s not my color…
    I would love something like that for my short hair! I’m actually thinking about making one myself! (let’s see if I can really craft it myself!!!!! – or simply give up, which is more likely…)

  3. says

    Like the gray top. I have a special liking for gray shirts for some reasons.. I feel like it matches my tan =D my boss said the same thing about tokyo. not everything is expensive.. =)

    btw, I’m starting to learn japanese now and i’m just completely thrilled to be able to read a few syllables at least in your post. though i don’t understand at all hahahha…

    • says

      I love gray and the problem is that when I look at my wardrobe I have way too many gray and it looks boring!! You’re taking Japanese now! Ganbatte!!

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