Wednesday Wall2Wall ☆ Ladybug Birthday Party

Photos by courtesy of my friend, Kara


Both of my girls were invited to my older one’s best friends’ birthday party (my second one will claim that she is also her best friend). It was a lady bug birthday party and they had a blast. My really good friend here, Kara, planned a ladybug theme birthday party for her first daughter’s 6th birthday and beautifully decorated her house with black and red. Her first daughter had a princess birthday party last year. Her second daughter had a bubble theme birthday party this past May. She always does a great job decorating the house for the parties which impresses me.

1. drawing with stencils
2. making ladybug crackers (crackers, cream cheese, cherry tomatoes and olives) This was actually really yummy!!
3. Ladybug Dance
Kara and her daughters choreographed the dance for the song “firefly” by Owl City and taught all the girls the dance. Once the girls learned the dance, she video taped the girls dancing and sent it to the parents. This activity took about 45 minutes.
4. pinata
5. Sleep-over

Party favor
Ladybug costumes.
She found a great deal online and purchased the costumes for the girls.
(The one my younger one is wearing is her own from last year’s Halloween. You can see her costume here. You can also see my friend Kara’s Halloween decoration of her car for “trunk-or-treat”.)

It was a full-on party and the girls enjoyed it 120%. Great job, Kara!


Owl Cityの「firefly(蛍)」の音楽に合わせて、キャラと娘2人がダンスの振り付けを考え、それを子供達にまず教えました。そして、子供達が覚えた頃に、ビデオにダンスを納め、パーティー後メールにてビデオを参加した子の親に送ってくれました。45分くらいのアクティビティーになります。



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      Me, too!! Too fun! I learned about theme parties in the States because I didn’t grow up with that in Japan when I was a child! Nowadays more parents of my generation seem to pick a theme there as well.

    • says

      I hear you! It is expensive to have a birthday party and buy all the stuff you might be able to use only once or who knows when again! Some of the stuff though can be recycled. For example, the black table cloth and red lanterns would definitely find another usage, I’m sure.

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    Oh Kaho! Thanks for changing my perception of lady bugs into cute adorable creatures once again. (Y’know, after my last adventure from a box full of those warriors..ok back to party again!)

    This is such an amazing idea! I can only imagine what the ladybugs dance entails!


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