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KOI Mahakam Lunch Set-4

I attended my first farewell get together last week with my Japanese friends. I have roughly a month left till our departure and it already started. Eight Japanese friends and I had lunch together at KOI Mahakam, which is the topic of this post, but please allow me to write a bit about personal side.

In the past 2 years and 9 months of my stay in Jakarta, I have bid farewell to many of my friends. The turn over in the expat community every year is big in this city. I knew that my turn would come eventually at the end of our 3-year assignment, but now it has really arrived, it feels strange. In some way I don’t want any farewell gatherings for myself. I want my farewell to be a regular “see you”. I almost wish that I quietly leave Jakarta without saying a formal bye to my friends. Why? It’s easier emotionally that way. I have already teared up a couple of times with the thought of leaving Jakarta. At the same time though, I recognize that I need a closure to our time in Jakarta and maybe the farewell parties are the answer.

先日、ジャカルタで初めての私のお別れ会に行ってきました。ジャカルタを離れるまで残す所1ヶ月あまりとなったのですが、もう始まりました。8人の日本人の友人と私でKOI Mahakam(マハカム)へ行ってきました。KOI Mahakamが今回の本題なのですが、少しだけ私事を語らせて下さい。


KOI Mahakam Lunch Set-2

Now back on the topic, the lunch at KOI Mahakam – it was fantastic. KOI Mahakam recently started a lunch set menu which is a great deal for everyone. Only for IDR 95,000 ++ (about US$9.5), you can either get a combination of an appetizer and main dish or a main dish and dessert. I ordered the chicken dish in the photo above and apple crumble. YUM! My friends who know that I have a blog encouraged me to take photos of their dishes. Aren’t they nice? The apple crumble come with a homemade ice cream made by Benoit, the head chef of KOI Mahakam as well as KOI Kemang. I love anything homemade, but I have a weak spot for a homemade ice cream. It was delicious!

この記事の本題に戻りますと、KOI Mahakam(マハカム)でのランチ – とても良かったですよ〜。実はKOI Mahakam(マハカム)は最近ランチセットメニューを始めました。95,000ルピア++(950円くらい)で前菜と主菜の組み合わせか主菜とデザートの組み合わせを選べます。私は上の写真にある鶏肉を主菜に、デザートにはアップルクランブルを頼みました。下の写真は、友人達は私がブログをやっていることを知っているので、親切に写真を撮ったらどうか、と撮影を後押しして下さいました。アップルクランブルはKOIの自家製アイスクリームが付いてきます。自家製と聞くと弱い私なのですが、特に自家製アイスクリームには目がありません。アイスクリーム美味しかった!

KOI Mahakam Lunch Set-3

KOI Mahakam Lunch Set-5

KOI Mahakam Lunch Set-6

My friend is holding my son. She has a great taste for interior design. She invited me to take photos of her home last Christmas in December 2012. You can see her Christmas decoration at her home here.


KOI Mahakam Lunch Set-1

My heart is filled with gratitude. Thank you.


Jl Mahakam I No. 2
Jakarta Selatan
Phone: + 62 21 722 2864
KOI Mahakam is close to Blok M plaza and right next to Grand Mahakam Hotel.
Facebook: Koimahakam
Twitter: @koimahakam


  1. Tjahjono says

    Hi Kaho San… Long time no see… You are leaving soon, I wish you great luck…
    I hope we’ll meet again… All the best!

    • says

      Yono san! Thank you so much for leaving me a comment! Yes, we’re leaving Jakarta this summer. Our time is up. I’m sad though! It was great to discover your shop, COSMO! Thanks for letting me take pictures of your store almost 2.5 years ago!

  2. says

    Hi Kaho,I can understand how you feel .Its just the kms matter and we can always stay connected through your lovely blog. If you have any plans in future to come down to Singapore, Just remember you have a friend here. I wish you have another exciting chapter on your Blog with your next destination.

    When you love art and fabrics. You will love your next destination.

    • says

      Thank you for your kind words! I am very positive that India will be a great experience for us. I have friends who have lived there and they loved their life there. Can’t wait to see the art and textile there!!

  3. wanda says

    Dear Kaho.. too bad i just found your blog early this year, and that’s only because i was looking for information about Koi. And now you are leaving Jakarta. I’m sad.. I should have followed you looong time ago. Your blog is so pretty and insightful. I will miss your great posts.. I do hope you can visit Jakarta again and post more info about the hip and trendy places. Take care…

    • says

      Wanda, it is so kind of you to leave me such a sweet comment. I appreciate it. I feel very encouraged to know that you enjoyed my finds!! Thank you!

  4. says

    It’s always hard to say goodbye, whether you are moving or your friends are. However Mumbai is waiting for you, it’s challenging but so is Jakarta and I’m sure you’ll soon be settled and enjoying your new home. Do you know which part of town you will be living in yet?

    • says

      You’re right. Thanks to knowing that we’re moving to Mumbai, I can stay positive. I hear so many amazing things about India and I cannot wait to see the country with my own eyes. I don’t know the area we’re moving to yet. I am looking forward to finding it out!

  5. Herlina says

    Dear kaho, so sad about your leaving. Gonna miss your posts about jakarta… And thanks for so many inspiring things that you shared in your blog. Btw, your oldest daughter really look like you with fairy skin like her dad. Your kids are so cute. Love your posts about them. I also have one son too… Sayonara blogger mama, hopefully you and your family have a good memory about jakarta and wish you enjoy your new home n country. Can’t wait your next posts…

    • says

      Thanks, Herlina, for your kind comment!!! I appreciate it!! Many people say that my oldest looks a lot like me. :) I hope that’s a good thing. I hope you’ll come back to learn about my new adventure in the future, too!

  6. says

    hi Kaho, Ive been diligently following your blog as I treasure your findings, be it the shops or cafes and resto’s in Jakarta. Believe me, what you have found and shared in almost 3 years is a lot more than I have personally explored being a resident here ! I’ll miss you … all the best and good luck in your new post… I know it’s been a love and hate relationship with the city of Jakarta, it’s a crowded city and clogged up traffic but at the end of the day, your heart will remain fond of Jakarta…adieu!

    • says

      Rita, thank you so much for your kind message!! I’ve always loved Jakarta. Coming from Japan, I prefer Jakarta traffic over Japanese rush hours on a train! My heart will definitely remain fond of Jakarta forever!

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