Project KOI X ☆ Living Room Set

Today’s photos of Project KOI is from the same collection as the Project KOI IX from last week. I took all of these photos in the KOI Gallery, the second floor of the restaurant, KOI Kemang. Last week my blogger friend, Nina with Stylizimo, asked me in a comment section if the photos of Project KOI IX were taken at my house and I had a concrete floor in my house. I was very happy to be asked this question because the owner of KOI wants photos of the KOI furniture collections to look like they were taken at someone’s home. Yay!! By the way, Stylizimo is one of my favorite blogs to visit. Nina is a sweet Norwegian girl blogging about interior and home decoration on her beautiful blog Stylizimo. Whether you are a blogger writing about interior design or not, whether you are interested in interior design or not, you should check out her beautiful blog because you will learn from her magical space where many ideas and inspiration are packed.

今回のProject KOIは、先週掲載したProject KOI IXと同じコレクションの一部になります。こちらの写真は、ジャカルタ南部に位置するクマンにあるKOI Kemang2階KOI Galleryにて撮影しました。友人ブロガーで、Stylizimoの著者のNina(ニーナ)が先週掲載したProject KOI IXの写真を見て、撮影は私の自宅でしたのか、自宅はコンクリートの床かどうかコメントで尋ねて来ました。この質問はとても嬉しかったです。というのは、撮影は全てKOI Galleryで行われているのですが、KOIのオーナーさんから、人が住んでいる感じに撮って欲しいと言われているからです。コメントしてくれたNina(ニーナ)のブログStylizimoなのですが、インテリアのブログを書いている人、そうでない人も、またインテリアが好きな人も、そうでない人も、インテリアのアイディアが満載の彼女のブログに魅了されると思います。是非チェックしてみて下さいね。

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  1. says

    Hi Kahori,
    I too thought this was your home, but then I scrolled down, read some more and understood it’s a store, great styling job!
    Have a good easter and thanks for letting me peek what’s on the other side of the world.

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    Kaho your KOI post reminded me of the white ceramic milk carton that I liked from KOI. I found the Jakarta store of the Bali company that makes it. It’s in Kemang. And they only have a small sized one with cow spots on it. Unfortunately they don’t know if they will be having the white one any time soon =(

    • says

      I will have to check out the Bali company you mentioned! If they ever have the white one, I would love to buy it. I have other places I need to check that you told me about. I went to Vinotti a couple of weeks ago for the first time and I like the store!

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