Kids Room Has Evolved

This is it. Our kids room has gone through 3 transformations in May and no more changes will be made. We’ll take to Indonesia the white new furniture pieces I recently purchased from the store I’m sure you know. This was a low-budget make-over. I had fun reorganizing and moving the room around. The furniture my kids used to use was what my husband and I had in our room in pre-kids time. We took the set to Okinawa, used it in our daughter’s room and brought it back. It’s time for these furniture pieces to go. By the time we come back to the U.S. in who knows how many years, I know that I want something different for my kids, so we (pretty much “I”) decided to kiss good-bye to the chest of drawers and night stands. We are also getting rid of the bookcase. I would like to get a white one. I sold them to my acquaintance. She’s supposed to come pick them up in about a week and a half. The crib and changing table will go to my friend who is pregnant. In case we get pregnant again (can’t think about it right now, but who knows?), we’ll figure something out. I didn’t think changing table was necessary anyways although the drawer was useful to store diapers.

For those of you who missed the post about our kids room and don’t know how it used to look, here are some photos.

May 1, 2010

Below is photo taken after the first transformation. I wrote a post about my experience of selling a futon sofa on Craigslist and how the kids room was changed.

May 20, 2010

My policy for traveling and moving is always ‘pack light’. I like shedding all the unnecessary belongings before the move instead of sending them to a storage, which is actually a simple way out. It’s just easier not having to deal with selling and recycling when we come back. I have more items on the agenda before our pack-out. Ready, set, move!


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    I think it looks lovely, Kaho..! I have nothing against IKEA – they have some really affordable and stylish options that in other places would cost a fortune. Your girls’ room looks fun and like a really cozy place to hang out in. I really like it – I think you’ve done a fantastic job!

    And good luck with the move!! Here I sit, stressing about our move only a few blocks away from where we are – while yours is areal move! I’ll be thinking of you and hoping for smooth transitions for all of you.

    And also: love the haircut. I’m so glad you did that for yourself. You look beautiful and ready to conquer the world!


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      Thank you for the warm and thoughtful comment, Maria! Thanks for wishing us luck! I hope the transitions will be smooth especially for our kids. I think moving locally is harder than being moved by someone else to a far away place. In our case, packers come and do all the packing, so I won’t do much on the day we pack out. Thanks for saying you like my haircut!

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    Very cute!

    We have the same Ikea 8 box bookshelf thing on its side in our living room which has Noah`s toys and books.

    I love what you have done with the walls and other small touches.

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    I saw something very similar at Target, and I loved it! I may buy it after we move this summer. And I’ll have to borrow or steal your wonderful ideas when I decorate rooms!!

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