Wednesday Wall2Wall ☆ Kids Playroom

This is my kids’ current playroom. I still feel that I need to do a little more work on it, but this is how it looks right now. My kids had a different kids playroom before they had a baby brother. I converted the old playroom into a baby nursery, so I had to create a new playroom and move some toys for my older girls and some pieces of furniture to the new room. This room actually used to be part of garage, but it was converted into a room. I wrote about this new added room a while back in posts Extra Room Project and Chalkboard Wall Decal by CSN.

A little drawing station for kids to draw and color.
I screened off the storage area behind the bookshelves and TV by putting up two curtains. I purchased fabric from IKEA and created a loop to put a poll inside to hang the fabric. I created a loop using iron press tapes instead of sewing. I purchased the iron press tapes for fabric at DAISO, a Japanese dollar store (in Jakarta it’s a 22,000 Rupia Store), which is located above Papaya Japanese Grocery Store in Blok M. (Papaya’s location is the mark “A” on the map on the bottom of this post)

Don’t you love the Barbie head sitting on the shelf?

I moved the chalk board wall decals to a different wall. To see how it looked before, click here.

I found two sheets of wrapping paper that I really loved at (ak.’sa.ra) and framed them in IKEA Ribba frames to add more wall decoration.

I debated whether I should color the wall or not and also make a sofa cover. I like the design of the couch and the eclectic fabric, but I didn’t think the color fit well in the color scheme for the kids playroom. However, I decided to save myself money and neither paint nor have an order made sofa cover. I still have white spaces on the wall. I’m brainstorming how I could decorate the white open space that is left.


  1. Oxana Koliada says

    Kaho, I love the way you see the space! I have the same room, as you know, but I see it totally different and think not as practical as you are.

    • says

      That is so sweet of you! I was in desperate need to have a storage to keep some stuff we brought, so the result is this room. :) I appreciate that you took time to leave me a comment!!

  2. says

    Kahori, I think the yellow sofa is perfect for the playroom. Garages and basements have the tendency to be dark, and you have some dark bookcases and accessories in the room, so the yellow provides a cheery pop of color to the room. No need to cover it up!

    • says

      Thanks, Mia!! Basement does have the tendency to be dark. I prefer having a lot of natural light, but we don’t which is too bad. Maybe someday we can live in a house that has a lot of sun light!

  3. Funmi says

    Hello Kaho, my name is Funmi and I also live in Indonesia. Can’t quite remember how I discovered your blog. But I’ve found it very very useful for decorating in Indonesia. Awesome blog you have here. By the way I love love the yellow sofa and don’t you dare cover it up. Like Mia said it pops and kids are drawn to bright Colors. Will keep reading your blog as I love to think up decorating ideas even though I am unable to execute them. But thanks a lot for sharing. Cheerio.

    • says

      Funmi, thank you!!! I saved myself money by not covering it up! It is actually a loan furniture, but now I get so many compliments on it, I would love to own it!!! :) Thanks for reading my blog!!


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