Joy of Styling

shirt: Nishimatsuya skirt: Gap

I used to go to Nishimatsuya on a regular basis to look for my first child’s clothes. You won’t believe the prices you see. Prices usually range from 300 yen to 1000 yen. Unfortunately, they are a little more expensive if you convert the price into U.S. dollar with the current exchange rate, but when the exchange rate was more normal, the prices ranged from US$2.50 to US$8.00. If you are interested, click on the pictures to see the collection.


When I lived in Japan, I sometimes shopped at COMME ÇA ISM. I love their clothing line although their prices are more than I could usually afford for my kids. The shirt and skirt my daughter is wearing are both gifts. Thank you!!

shirt: Target skirt: Old Navy

sandals: Target

shirt: Target jeans: Target boots: Gap

dress: Target sandals: Target

Did you own a Barbie doll? I didn’t. I had this paper doll with paper clothes I was able to style with when I was very little. I don’t remember ever owning any type of dolls like Barbie dolls. I never asked for them, either.

Now I feel like I’m re-living that Barbie-doll stage through styling my own children. My older daughter prefers to dress herself, so I don’t have many opportunities to choose what she wears any more, but I do with my younger one. She already has her opinion about what she likes, but usually I can convince her to wear what I pick for her instead of letting her wear the same thing over and over.

I have not shopped for my girls in a while, but I hope to find cute and inexpensive (this is very important to me!) clothing stores here in Jakarta.


  1. kaoru says

    ここに載ってるお洋服全部かわいい☆特にTargetっていうところの服好きだな〜。アメリカのブランドなのかな?こちらでは見かけないけど。私はもっぱら、GAP, UNIQLO,& of course, NISHIMATSUYAです!まだまだ舞桜は自分のopinionなんて持っていないので、着せ替え人形状態です(笑)。そのうちイヤイヤ!って言われるんだろうなあ。

    • says


  2. says

    They look like models! (No surprise, given how beautiful you are.) I can’t believe how big they’ve gotten. It seems like ages since I saw them last.

  3. says

    Lovely! your daughters are as cute as you… it is going to be interesting to see how they develop a different sense of style when they grow up… they seems a bit different already, with one with blond hair and the other with darker hair. I love to see my own daughter becoming a little girl with her own opinion even though we are sometimes fighting over clothes and how to style her hair 😉 and she is only 3 and 1/2 years old!!

    • says

      Marie, I feel your pain! I guess you can’t escape from that path when you have a daughter! My girls totally have different look, don’t they! I dress my girls differently party because my friend did a color analysis on them and my first one looks good in spring or summer colors and my second one looks good in autumn, so I usually style them based on these colors. :)

      • says

        I would love to do a color analysis for myself! I am a stylist and I have never done it, isn’t that strange? I have been thinking about it recently as one of my sisters has got it done in France, and she got quite confident in her choice of clothing, accessories etc…
        Have you got it done for yourself too?

        • says

          Yes! My friend did color analysis on me and I got totally hooked!! Like your sister, I definitely got more confident in my choice of clothing. I used to spend so much time vacillating between clothes to buy, but now knowing what colors I should pick, I no longer have the same dilemma. Even if some clothes are cute and cheap if the clothes are not in summer colors, which is my color, I would not buy them. It saves me money!

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