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Have you stepped into a home where you wonder if you have walked into a museum? That was how I felt when I went to my Japanese friend, Ako’s home. Can you believe that this is actually an expat’s home? Even thought Ako and her family settled down in Mumbai 3 years ago knowing that they had a limited time to spend in this apartment, they created a stunning home away from home with antiques from India.

Besides gorgeous and amazing looking antiques Ako and her husband, Mark collected during the 3 years of their stay in Mumbai, the flowers that they decorate their home with are absolutely stunning. Ako says it’s all Mark who loves to decorate their home with antiques and flowers, but I must say that Ako also shares beautiful aesthetic as well. Apparently, Mark goes out to a market early in the morning to buy fresh flowers from the flower market on a regular basis. That I call a true passion. I don’t even get up early to blog and I want to call blogging my passion…

As you can tell from their home, Ako and Mark have fully embraced their time in India. You don’t often find people like them who enjoy and take in what this amazing country has to offer as much as they have. I believe that creating home with what you love and surround yourself with what makes you feel happy especially in a foreign environment helps you cope with some challenges you may have living overseas. To me that’s exactly what Ako and Mark have done. I think that many of us can learn from their life style.

Since I have many photos to show, I would love for you to see them! I hope you’ll enjoy the photo tour of Ako’s home!

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I love all the colors that Mark and Ako creatively added with fresh flowers to otherwise dark-color antique decor.

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Home with Indian Antiques

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These flowers in the photo above are real. The height of the flowers in the vase is probably 2 meters. I have never seen this vase being empty at least whenever I visited.

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Home with Indian Antiques-3

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Aren’t these beautiful? I have never seen flowers like this before.

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Home with Indian Antiques5

Home with Indian Antiques20

I have had a privilege to get to know Ako through our daughters. Do you agree that your friendship after kids revolve so much around your children? Ako’s daughter and my oldest daughter became friends in a weekly Japanese class that they took after school. It has been very encouraging for my oldest daughter to have a friend who has a very similar background and I was delighted that my daughter was motivated by her friend. Unfortunately for me and my daughter, Ako and her family are off to their new chapter of their lives and will leave Mumbai this summer in 2014. It is quite heartbreaking to see off friends like Ako and her family, but I also feel excited for them to start their new adventures. I do hope that we can stay in touch.

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Best wishes to Ako and her family!

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Blogging is my hobby, not my job. I would love to update my blog as often as I can during the summer break, but since I take off for the summer vacation, I may not be able to appear here as frequently as I have (which has not been much lately…). I hope you will come visit me time to time.

I hope everyone has a wonderful summer (or winter for those who are in the southern hemisphere). Be safe.


  1. says

    The use of fresh flowers in your friends’ home is so inviting and lovely! I wonder how they will use all their permanent finds in their new home. Hopefully fresh flowers will be just as accessible!

    • says

      Thanks for the comment, Nomads By Nature! I wonder about that, too! It would be so fun to see how they decorate their new home with what they collected in India!

  2. Eri A. says

    Kaho-chan, your friend Ako-san’s house is absolutely stunning. Just like a museum, as you said. Thank you for another inspirational story of your blog. Keep blogging! We’re doing fine here in PK. We would love to visit you guys in India!

    • says

      Thanks, Eri!! I’m happy to hear that you found it inspiring as you have an eye for design! We would love it if you could come visit us in India!!

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