I already miss wearing my boots…

dress: H&M leggings: Uniqlo boots: shoes.com

Oh, how I will miss wearing boots this winter. There is no winter here in Jakarta. I’ll miss having winter 3 years in a row. It’s fine. There are many perks to have summer all year long. I’m thinking maybe I will buy rain boots that look like rider boots. I loved this pair in the photos and wore them all the time in Virginia.

I bought this dress at H&M. I would love for H&M to come to Jakarta. I miss you! That was the place I shopped when we lived in Arlington, VA. I found this dress on the sales rack for $10. I wanted to buy them when the dresses were sold on a regular price, but I didn’t. I was so glad I didn’t! The colors on the dress is autumn colors. They are not the colors I look great in, but I like the dress so much, I decided to keep the dress although I gave away many clothing items in autumn colors.

This is how I have to dress.

The dress does not look as interesting without a pair of boots. I love being able to wear different kind of sandals all year long here. I shouldn’t complain, but sometimes I want something different. Grass is greener!


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    Hi Kaho,

    I’m visiting from BYW class. You look great in sandals absolutely darling in your warmer weather look. I understand what you mean about missing boots. I live in SoCal and I only wear socks and shoes for about 10-20 days a year. I love bundling up and wearing all my boots when I visit family or the East Coast.

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