Hotel Mets

When I travel, finding a hotel becomes always a hassle. Researching where is the best and most convenient place to stay and figuring out the best deals take some time. If you plan on going to Tokyo and you don’t mind staying in a tiny business hotel, I have a suggestion for you.

We stayed in Tokyo for a week to see my family, but my husband and I stayed in a hotel while our girls stayed with my parents. We picked this option instead of crowding my parents’ condominium. Most houses and apartments in Japan only have one bathroom, so that becomes one of the issues when there are too many people staying in such a small space setting aside not having enough space.

We stayed at one of the Hotel Mets in Tokyo. Not only does Hotel Mets have many locations in Tokyo, but they have other locations in other prefectures as well. Here is the link for you for more information if you are interested. By the way, I don’t work for this hotel nor do this for any benefit for myself. I am simply writing this since I believe it could be helpful for others.

The major reason we picked this hotel was its location. Hotel Mets are always located right by a metro station. Our hotel was inside of a building above a metro station, so as we got out of a ticket booth and walk for 20 meters or so, there we were at the hotel entrance. I wanted to make it easier for us to go back to the hotel from my parents place and this worked out well.

When we are in Tokyo, we go back to our hotel only to sleep. We don’t spend any time there except for the night. Even though it would be nice to be in a much bigger room, it made more sense for us to save money and stay in a small hotel. Another reason we picked Hotel Mets was that it was affordable. Depending on what you compare them with, Hotel Metz might not appear cheap, but based on the Tokyo standard, I believe it is very economical. It’s all relative, isn’t it?

The size of a room is like a closet. If you come from the U.S., you might be shocked to see how small each room is. I, however, find the design of the hotel and rooms quite modern and attractive. Hotel Mets has free internet connection and you can choose to have breakfast included. Our hotel had a bakery that served breakfast.

The only problem is that Hotel Mets is designed for business and I don’t think they accommodate families with kids. The maximum number of people per room would be 2 for most of their hotels. It worked for us since we left our girls with my parents and sisters.

Another hotel company that I like to stay at and is very similar to Hotel Mets is Washington Hotels. My husband and I stayed there one time and I liked it. It would require some walking back to any of their hotel locations from a train station, but the walk is not long. I want to say that their rooms are slightly bigger than the room than those at Hotel Mets, but that’s just my impression. Washington Hotels are also a business hotel, so I don’t know if they have rooms for families to stay together.

I hope this would be of any help for anyone who might be traveling to Tokyo. I am sorry for not being able to provide names of economical and convenient hotels that are great for families. If you know of any, please feel free to write about it in the comment section!!

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