We were invited to our friend’s birthday celebration at Hook.

Hook is located on M Street in Georgetown. I ♥ Georgetown. This restaurant is one of those places where we would’ve not been able to go if it wasn’t for a special occasion. The whole experience was magnificent. We were in a room on the second floor where our group was the only one there. Since kids were included, having such privacy allowed us parents to enjoy the conversation without the stress of keeping our kids from disturbing other customers. It was a gorgeous day and the big bay window invited the soft sun light into the room which created the cozy atmosphere to the room.

My older daughter and our friend’s daughter went to the same Japanese preschool on two Saturdays a month in the past year and a half, so they are friends. There were other girls around my daughters’ ages at the party, so both of our girls were very well entertained while my husband and I enjoyed the conversation with the family members and friends of the birthday friend at our table. I could’ve not asked for anything better than this.

Kids were served with their food first. I was surprised by the huge serving on each plate! My older daughter pretty much swallowed her dish and asked me for some more fries. The food must have been that good and I wish I tried hers.

Everything I had was delicious. I had Roasted Rockfish for my main dish. The fish I had made me think that I had cooked fish wrong all my life. It was cooked so tender and juicy that I could just swallow without chewing. The grilled broccoli was delightful, too.

The staff was friendly. I felt bad for the waiters since it’s not easy to serve in a room with lots of people with different needs especially with small children. One particular waiter who was in charge of serving us worked very hard. Our whole experience here was very pleasant thanks to the restaurant’s high customer value.

It was a lovely afternoon on a Saturday. Thank you, M & B!!

3241 M Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20007-3616


  1. Adella Copeland says

    Thank you so much for including Hook in your blog. You photography is beautiful. We enjoyed having you as our guests and just wanted to again say thanks.

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