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I stayed in Singapore to give birth our third child from the beginning of February, 2012 till the beginning of April, 2012. Our third child, son, was born on February 29, 2012. Since my stay was considered medical evacuation from Jakarta, my husband’s work paid for the stay. I could choose a place to stay from many options in Singapore, but I picked Great World Serviced Apartment and I am very happy with my decision. I learned about Great World Serviced Apartment through people I know who have stayed there in the past. In fact, it is one of the most popular serviced apartments in Singapore. I’ll list the reasons why I like Great World Serviced Apartments blow for those who might be interested.


Living Room

Bed Rooms


Olympic Size Pool and Kids Pool

Kids Lounge Playroom

Arts and Craft Activity For Kids
Great World Serviced Apartment staff organizes a biweekly Arts and Craft Activity for child residents in the room next to a kids play zone on the 3rd floor. It is free of charge. You have to sign up early otherwise it can get fully booked and your child cannot get in. My girls loved the activities and it is one of the things I miss about living at the Great World!

The reasons why I liked staying at the Great World Serviced Apartment.

1. Convenience
The Great World Serviced Apartment is adjoined to the Great World City Shopping Center. There is a grocery store called “Cold Storage” on the basement of the Great World City Shopping Mall. It was really nice to be able to go down to the ground floor and walk over to the shopping center. I miss this convenience so much. The shopping mall has some nice shops such as Zara, Château de Sable (French Kids Clothing Brand), Starbucks, etc.

2. Location
It is centrally located. It is about 7 minute car ride from the mall to Orchard Road. Many people I met at Great World Serviced Apartment ended up finding a permanent residence near the Great World Serviced Apartment because they really liked living in this area. There is a river that runs right by the Great World City and you can walk along the river. There are many good restaurants along the river, too. We took a walk from our apartment to Clark Quay quite often during our stay. The path is very nice and in the evening many people jog or walk their dogs there.

3. Free Shuttle Bus Service to Orchard Road, China Town and City Hall
There is a Free Shuttle Bus that leaves from shopping mall to Lucky Plaza on Orchard every 30 minutes starting from 11:00 a.m. You can catch a free shuttle from the same Lucky Plaza back to Great World City and it is free for everyone to take it. The shuttle bus to China Town and City Hall leaves every hour from the Great World Shopping Center.

4. Kid Friendly
The indoor kids playroom as well as outdoor play ground were very nice and both of my children loved going there. My kids also loved going to the swimming pool as well. As I mentioned above, the Great World Serviced Apartment holds an arts and craft activity for young children. Every Friday is a movie night for children and a kids movie is shown (on a TV) in the Resident Lounge.

5. Good Services
If something breaks in the apartment, I could call the reception and they would arrange services to fix whatever the issues the apartment had. All the staff at the Great World Serviced Apartment was friendly.

Disclaimer: I wrote this based on my own experience and I am not paid by anyone to write the above.






Great World Serviced Apartment
2 Kim Seng Walk
Singapore 239404
Main Line: (65) 6722 7000
sales Hotline: (65) 6722 7766
Fax: (65) 6722 7001
Location Map


  1. says

    Kaho san,

    Congratulations! I am very very sorry that I was not able to leave comments soon and tell you how the news of your third baby arrival makes me happy! Congrats! Congrats! Congrats!

    He is very gorgeous and I loved looking at photos your older two babies are taking care of him already! You must be busier than every but I can tell from your posts that you shine like a shining star:-)

    I hope you rest well by now and enjoy being with baby!

    • says

      Yuri san, thank you so much for the sweet message! Your words are so kind and they touched my heart! I am doing well considering I haven’t been able to sleep so well. :) Thanks for visiting my blog!!

  2. says

    I looked at an apartment here that was for sale and wanted so very badly to buy it, but ended up at the east coast area instead. :”( I really like the Great World / River Valley area very much. Sighz~

    The Moonberry Blog

  3. unclemoe says

    Thanks for sharing…me and my family are going to stay there in June and read a bunch of mixed reviews about the place. Nice to see someone enjoyed it. Thanks again!

  4. Toni Chen says

    Hi Kaho,
    I like your blog about this serviced apartment. The photos look really good. I am also going to Singapore to give birth end of this year. And my parents are going to Singapore too. So my question is … if the guest bedroom has 2 single beds or a queen size bed or not? Thank you so much for your help in advance! Toni

    • says

      Toni, thanks for stopping by! There are different options. There are apartments with two single beds and some others with a queen size bed. It depends on the apartment types and sizes. I picked the apartment based on the bed sizes, too. You can see different types on their website and the size of beds are shown in the layout. I hope this was helpful.


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