One of the perks to live in Arlington, Virginia for me is to have an easy access to DC, especially Georgetown. It’s my favorite place to stroll on a nice day. There was a beautiful Sunday in February this year, 2010, as if the spring peeked a little in between winter days. We wanted to take advantage of the day and decided to have a family picnic lunch in Georgetown. I just love the historic ambiance the city has and all the cool eclectic shops and buildings you can find on M Street and on the smaller streets that branch off from the M Street.

We passed by this store “Georgetown Cupcake“. I’ve heard about this place and been wanting to stop by to pick up some cupcakes, but it looked like it wasn’t a day for a family with small kids like us to drop in, so I just took some pictures. I was drooling as I was walking by though.

We came back to the same corner where the cupcake store was located and the line was still long… I was hoping that it would be shorter by then, but it was the opposite. I realized that I had to go back to Georgetown sometime later to discover what drove people so much to line up! It was the first time I saw a long line outside of a shop in the U.S. I thought it was so interesting! You see this all the time in Japan and sometimes people just go to the line for the sake of finding out what’s there.

As you might have already discovered that I am not much of a talker. I am not good at expressing myself in written form. I am not saying that I’m better at photography. I know that I am far from being good at it, but I love taking pictures. I have those pictures I took in Georgetown and I wanted to share some with you. I don’t know how often I can go back to Georgetown until we move away from here.

We have approximately 3 and a half months left until our move to South East Asia. Time is gold. I kind of like having a time limit though. It motivates me to set goals and get things done. I thrive in this nomadic life style.

I just started this blog and my brain is still processing what I need to focus and what I really want to attain from this blog. Please bear with me.

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