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My husband’s coworker took him and some other coworkers to Ganesha Cafe, a sea food restaurant, on the beach of Jimbaran Bay. I don’t have many pictures of the restaurant since we were there with a huge group, and also I wanted to take photos of the girls and their dad at the beach. By the time the food came, it was too dark to take photos without flash, so I didn’t. I should’ve… While we were eating it got darker and we only had a candle light on the table. The food was served family style, so we had big plates with different kind of fish, prawns and crabs along with rice. Everything was delicious!!! The tables are set up on the beach, so you are sitting in the sandy beach, listening to the waves while you eat.

I didn’t do any research and I just followed where my husband’s coworkers took us. I personally enjoyed Ganesha Cafe a lot including the food, but my friend told me that it is a tourist trap. Maybe you find a better place, but we all enjoyed it. For my husband and his coworkers, it was their second time to eat there, so you can see how much they liked.

They offer a free pick-up and return vehicle service for the area of Kuta, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Legian and Sanur.

Kedonganan Beach
Phone (+62-361) 70 3532, 8585222
Fax (+62-361) 70 3532
Email : or

Contact person :
Mr. July : Mobile +6281 23996910



クタ(Kuta)、ジンバラン(Jimbaran)、ヌサドゥア(Nusa Dua)、レギアン(Legian)、サヌール(Sanur)地域へは、無料の送迎サービスを行っているそうです。


We tried many different restaurants at Bali Collection. Out of several restaurants we tried, one restaurant we really liked was the Indian food at an Indian restaurant which also served Italian food in Bali Collection. I highly recommend it for a restaurant in Bali Collection. I didn’t take my camera to the restaurant, so I don’t even remember the name of it, but it is located very close to SOGO department store.

Among all the restaurants we tried in Bali, I was impressed with Salsa Verde in Grand Hyatt. The restaurant is facing the private beach of Grand Hyatt Hotel and the seating area has no windows, so you can see the beautiful night beach under the moon light (if you are there at night). Beautiful ambiance, great food, and reasonable prices (I picked a cheap dish maybe. At least they offer inexpensive options.). The Italian food they served tasted better than many other Italian restaurants we’ve been in Indonesia and the kids really loved their thin crust pizzas. We had our last meal there with our good friends who were also there on the same business trip as my husband. Our friend’s mother was in town and also went to Bali as her son, who works with my husband, had a business trip to Bali as well, so we had a chance to get to know her. We had a lot of fun together!

Bali, Indonesia
P.O. Box 53, Nusa Dua,
TEL: +62 361 77 1234
FAX: +62 361 77 2038



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