Monday Mode ☆ Fun With Retro T-Shirts

t-shirt: Chatuchak Weekend Market, Bangkok, Thailand

I love to dress up and try to look more feminine, but at the same time, I must admit that I love T-shirt and boyish style as well. I find these shirts very comfortable and practical for moms with young kids like me, but they are still cute, fun and somewhat feminine.

This is my most recent favorite T-shirt with Bert and Ernie. I love them!!

Fruit Loops
t-shirt: store unknown, Okinawa (gift from my hubby)

I love this Fruit Loops shirt. This is one of the very few items I have in red. I don’t eat Fruit Loops, but I love to wear Fruit Loops (not literally of course)!

Curious George
t-shirt: store unknown, Okinawa, Japan

This is one of the kids’ favorite and I tend to attract attention from kids when I wear it. Hello, Curious George. Some kids like to grab my shirt. Thanks, dear.

Sesame Street
t-shirt: a store in Chatan City, Okinawa, Japan (Sorry, it’s been so long since I left Okinawa, I don’t even remember the name.)

I love Sesame Street characters. No matter how old I get, I seem to not ever get tired of Sesame Street muppets. I don’t look so great in orange as I look better in summer colors based on color analysis, but this is one of the few items I wear outside of my colors.


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    Hello! I came here from Lin’s blog. I love the retro t-shirts too! Got quite a few Junk Food tees myself, such as Rainbow Brite, My Little Pony, characters which I adored growing up haha.

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      Thanks, Z!! I would love to have more junk food shirts! I try to avoid to eat Junk Food, but I seem to not care if I’m advertising it on my shirt! The old characters on t-shirt makes me all nostalgic, too.

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    These are so cute! It’s interesting, but guys love these shirts on girls. We think we are dressing down, but guys notice these. I was wearing a “Tom & Jerry” t-shirt the other day, and a guy friend said “You wear that shirt a lot—-are you trying to look cute around me?” He went on to say, that he and all his guy friends love it when girls wear these kinds of t’s. (now if only I was a “girl”…….)

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    Hi Kaho,
    I love that bert and ernie shirt, I would where these too! We have indeed some things common, although I still have baby fat (after 3 years…) and you don’t, you look good! Well, my daughters are 13 and 3, they are 10 years and 3 days apart. Glad we have met here in Blogland, enjoy the day! Oh, and we lived in Houston, TX for 2 years, love Texas! Bye! Maureen

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    Thanks for the idea….now I know how to get attention from kids. Also looking at my T-shirts, I realized that they are all so dull. Must hunt for some with cute cartoons like yours!!

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