Wednesday Wall2Wall ☆ Extra Room Project

This is an ongoing project at our house…

I like the funkiness of this sofa in the photo below although I would’ve not picked this pattern if I had a choice. Still as a rental, this is kind of cool. I am thinking about selling this little slide with a jungle gym. My girls have out grown it and hardly play with it any more. Sad, but it’s time for it to go.

This project is not done yet and it needs a lot of more work, but I am going to share the photos of the room with you anyways. A half of our ground floor garage was converted into a room several months ago. We used to have a huge garage, but a lot of it was a wasted space, so we are fortunate to be able to convert the garage into a room since the house we rent has small rooms except for a master bedroom and we could really use some more space. This room is wonderful as now I can use half of the room as a storage. I used two bookcases and TV as a partition so that we can use the other half of the room as a media/craft room. I need to do the following work to complete this room.

☆Purchase fabric to cover the areas between the two bookcases and one of the bookcases and the wall.
☆Get rid of some items in the storage
☆Paint the filing cabinets
☆Purchase nicer boxes to put in the book shelves to organize (no plastic boxes showing!!)
☆Paint the kids table and chairs
☆Decorate the blank wall

I decided to declare that I am going to work on this extra room project here so that I will be more motivated to act on it. When the construction of this room was completed, I quickly ordered some furniture to rent from my husband’s office to organize the room, but after I moved some storage items, I quickly lost my momentum to decorate this room. I really need to make some time to work on this project. Wish me luck…




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    Hey Kaho, I can go with you to Majestic traditional pasar to buy the fabric! Let me know when you are going! =D Wow you are so lucky you can order furniture from your husbands office… we have to buy our own! And how fab that you have an extra room yo can now use for storage! I want one too =P

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    what a transformation. I love all the shelf space. and I agree with you I like the retro feel of that sofa. Today I told my Mother-in-law that I was going to start learning Croatian again, I’m hoping this will keep me on track,because I know she will help me to stay motivated, she even agreed to do daily skype sessions with me , I’m also hoping this will help Beli to pick up Croatian once again.

    thank you for your sweet words, You know me too well Kaho, I live for road trips and traveling and fun activities, in fact I already have a calendar for May with all the free activities for the month,,stay tuned.LOL!


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