Wednesday Wall2Wall ☆ Grandma’s Country Patio

I’m a big fan of my husband’s grandma’s home. I find her home absolutely breathtaking even though I tend to be attracted to a modern simplistic style. As my last Wednesday Wall2Wall post, I wrote about her country style kitchen. This time I would like to show you her gorgeous patio and how she decorated it using colors. We have a balcony in our residence in Jakarta, but we don’t have a patio. Still it gives me ideas how I should design my balcony to make it look better just by observing how my grandma decorates.


Our girls loved playing with their daddy in their great-grandma’s swimming pool when we visited her. Once they had enough time in the water, they enjoyed basking in the sun surrounded by beautiful flowers of which their great-grandmother takes a good care. It was a perfect way to spend a day during our summer vacation.


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  1. says

    kaho, I miss your blog so much. I just came back from LA and I saw that you are currently in Texas? wow. Enjoy your summer holiday then.
    I love all the posts about your hubby’s grands house. lovely country style. Also those little resto at Tokyo was gorgeous.
    Keep in touch and take care. hug. fenny

  2. Lily says

    I enjoyed reading about your family’s stay in Texas! The pictures of kitchen, patio, and other cute little stuff around the house are very impressive and I dream of being in that kind of house someday in my life! Enjoy the vacation:-)

  3. says

    Her place is breathtaking indeed. And I too am not a fan of country, but when other people do it right, it is so pretty and so cozy!! Your pictures really show the beauty of her home!


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