Decorating Ideas

Where do you get your ideas to decorate your home? Ideas exist everywhere. On catalogues, magazines, blogs, websites, TV programs, and places you visit. Whether one takes the ideas as inspirations or not is up to individual.

The pictures above were taken at my friend’s. I have always loved visiting friends’ homes since I was little. I enjoy seeing in person how
others decorate. I hope my friends would not think that every time I visit their places, I’m judging them. No, that’s not what I do. I simply feed my appetite for visual inspirations. My eyes are always hungry for new ideas and designs, but I don’t have enough time to search online for inspirations or money to buy all the cool magazines and books.

Today was another summer-like day. It was gorgeous! I had a play date with my friends for my little one in the morning at one of my friends’ house. We sat outside on a patio with lemonade and a great conversation to accompany it. It was blissful.


  1. Nosuke says

    This blog is amazing! Love all the photos.

    I can’t tell you how blessed I feel to have met both of you. Inspiring is the right word.

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