Christmas is almost here and I’m in bed…

Christmas is almost here. My kids are very excited.

Despite the excitement, I felt horrible due to a terrible headache today. I managed to go grocery shopping in the morning for Christmas eve dinner, but I don’t even know if I will be up for standing in the kitchen all day tomorrow, Christmas Eve.

Because of my migraine I miss these today.
☆Christmas Caroling With Friends (I’m sorry Christy!!)
☆Korean BBQ

I guess if I didn’t have a headache I would’ve gone to Christmas Caroling and had dinner there, so I would’ve not had BBQ anyways. My husband took the girls to a Korean restaurant for dinner because I couldn’t cook. I wanted to go so I thought even if I had to crawl, I would go…. I got up from my bed and went immediately back to lie down. I’m still feeling the headache as I type this (what am I doing??). I almost postponed my Friday Finds post, but I did it. It’s short and quick.

I just wanted to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to those who celebrate the holiday.
Warm wishes from me to you and your loved ones.


  1. Ichiyo says

    Kaho-san, So sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. I thought to share a trick (may or may not work) on fixing headache. Bundle all your hair together with your hand and pull it upward so you look like a Troll
    This seems to help blood circulation and sometimes fixes headache. Nothing medically proven but it works sometimes. Tony and I try this before we take any medicine. I hope you will feel better soon for one of the most exciting days for both girls. Merry Christmas!!

  2. denise Henderson says

    wishing you a speedy recovery! xmas can’t happen without a happy mami!! com’on mami! get better NOW! ^_^

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