Cherry Blossoms in Washington, D.C.

This time of the year, I miss being in Washington, D.C. The spring in D.C. is absolutely breath-taking. Here is a recap of last year’s posts on the cherry blossoms in Washington, D.C. I am enjoying the cherry blossoms virtually as I cannot visit Tidal Basin for cherry blossom viewing and National Cherry Blossom Festival in D.C. this year.

More Posts and Photos On Cherry Blossoms/Sakura
*Sakura is cherry blossoms in Japanese.

Sakura in DC *Preview* Photos of cherry blossoms at the beginning of the season in Washington, D.C.

Sakura in DC *Guide* Photo guide for a cherry blossom viewing on Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C.

Spring Break 2010 Photos of the view of cherry blossoms on the Potomac River.

Sakura in DC *Scenic Tour* Photos of Washington Monument, Lincoln
Memorial and cherry blossoms.

Cherry Blossoms in Kenwood Beautiful cherry blossoms in Kenwood, Maryland.

Premtemps Beginning of spring in Northern Virginia.


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    It’s almost been a year since you started this blog then!! I remember all the entries… And I also remember missing you girls one day around the Potomac too :-)

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      Thanks for remembering!! My 1 year anniversary came a day after the Tohoku Earthquake and I didn’t feel that it was appropriate to write a post about it on my blog, so I didn’t, but I have been thinking about the whole year. I remember we tried to see each other on the Potomac!

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    Such a beautiful, playful, springtime post! Cherry blossoms in their gorgeous entirety, always remind me of the promise of things to come… hope you are well + happy Spring :))

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    This must be dear to your heart as sakura is such a big “event” in Japan! I can still remember the beautiful views of the Meguro river and other wonderful places in Tokyo in spring time…
    I had no idea it would be so beautiful in Washington DC. Are people celebrating it in any special ways?

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      Sakura is dear to my heart. I love sakura in Washington, D.C. I actually don’t know many places in Tokyo to go see cherry blossoms. I wonder if people are celebrating it in any special ways. They might.

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    I enjoyed my last trip to DC altho the cherry blossoms weren’t quite ready yet at that time (it was still a very cold spring with low temps). The span of time cherry blossoms burst in blooms and fall to the ground like rain are so shortlived…. :*) Beauty is fleeting indeed. I’d love to go back again sometime and enjoy the cherry blossoms right during when they’re plump and fluffy. One of my favourite flowering trees. ^^

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    never knew there were Sakura outside of Japan….I recall singing the song Sakura in Japanese when I was in primary school :)

    Your girls are so tiny and cute there. Loved the one of your lil one curled up against her sister……..absolute sweetness!!

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    these photos are so beautiful. i wish i could go to washington. and i wish the cherry blossoms would bloom soon.. but it’s too cold here still..
    ah, to have summer now;)

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    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! So sweet of you! I’m still trying to find the time to figure all the bits of the BYW Yahoo group so in the mean time I love that I’ve been introduced to your blog. I love it! So much prettiness. Definitely checking back.

    I visited D.C. for the Cherry Blossom Festival last year…gorgeous sight! Makes me a bit sad that all the festivities are happening as we speak and not there to enjoy it. =(

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