Wednesday Wall2Wall ☆ Happiest People Don’t Have The Best Of Everything

Chalkboard March 2014-5

It’s so easy to assume that those people who have the best of everything are happy. Even for those who we think should be happy can be unhappy. You can find people who don’t have much or have so little and are still happy. Happiness is all in our heart. I find it important to see the positive side on everything we have and appreciate it. This has always been in my conscious efforts. It is how I keep myself happy when I face challenges and tough times. Just like saying “a cup is half full” as opposed to “a cup is half empty”, a matter of perspective changes what defines happiness in our lives.

Chalkboard March 2014-3

The quote design was copied from society6.

I have been sick in the past few days. I had a horrible headache, but I have been able to manage to get around to do things during the day and I was knocked out at night. When you become a mom, it is hard to stop and rest just like any other jobs unless you are super sick. I feel that I have to keep going.

I took photos of my board last night because I realized that the photos of the chalkboard I had taken before had something I needed to fix! You can imagine how I felt… While I was not feeling well (started to feel a bit better after having rested for a couple of hours), I grabbed my camera and a chalk, erased a little part and made a change and then took some photos of the chalkboard again. I must be haunted by this blogging thing. I looked at the photos and I didn’t like the yellow look, so I also took photos again this morning. You can see the differences in light.

I hope some people enjoy seeing the current quote we have on our board. I’m thinking what’s next?

Chalkboard March 2014

Chalkboard March 2014

Chalkboard March 2014-4


  1. Allison says

    Hi Kaho – I’m an expat living in Delhi and I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of months. It’s great! My fiance and I are moving into a new flat soon and we’re hoping to do a chalkboard wall in the office, but we aren’t sure where to find the paint. I’m curious to know if you remember the brand that you used?

    I look forward to more posts!


    • says

      Thank you for reading my blog, Allison! I am very happy to hear from you! All the paint I bought is Asian Paints paint. I bought “water-base blackboard paint”. I was told that you need to use water-base because oil-base is more for metal and if you use oil-base, it can ruin the wall eventually. I hope this information helps! Good luck with your move!

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