Wednesday Wall2Wall ☆ Bubble Birthday Party シャボン玉パーティー

This is how the room usually looks.

Do you see the transformation?

Here’s an idea for a little girl or boy birthday party for you.

Did you know that bubbles and birthday go really well together? Kids absolutely loved playing with bubbles at this birthday party, which was for our friends’ daughter’s second birthday. Isn’t the decoration for this party just darling? Our friends purchased a bubble girl decal from Etsy store just for this party. It is too bad that the wall decal could not be used again once the stickers are removed from the wall. The bubble girl silhouette decoration on the cake was the same as the decal, which I thought was adorable.

After all the guests arrived, we all went outside for some bubble play time. There were three battery run bubble makers on the ground, several bubble guns and giant bubble kit for kids to play with. Kids ran around trying to catch bubbles, make bubbles and chase bubbles. They had a blast.

I had to excuse myself and leave early from the party as I had a commitment I could not reschedule that day. I wish I could have stayed longer at the party to take more photos of other delicious looking food and more fun the kids had at the party!

By the way, the sandwich rolls with cream cheese and pesto and cream cheese and strawberry jelly were great addition for a party. Easy to make, pretty to look at and favorite among kids as well as adults.

I hope this post helped you with an idea for a birthday party!


シャボン玉と小さい男の子や女の子のお誕生日パーティーって、実はとても相性が良いってご存知でした?友人の娘の2歳のお誕生日パーティーでは、子供達はとっても嬉しそうにシャボン玉で遊んでいました。しかも、パーティーの飾りがとても素敵でした。誕生日のためだけに、友人はEtsyでシャボン玉で遊ぶ女の子の壁のディカル(シール)を購入したそうです。(Bubble Girl Decal)誕生日の後で剥がしてしまってからは再度使えないとかで、残念ですね。また、ケーキの上の飾りが壁の飾りと同じで、とっても素敵で可愛かったです。




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  1. says

    OOOH i always loveee bubbless! My sis’ wedding reception has those and they just completed the party. Your super girl looks adooorable! And the sandwich rolls is an awesome idea that can be modified with anything, pretty much, right?

  2. says

    Hi Kaho,

    I stumbled to your website when I was searching for the pictures of Phloey, my family’s favorite Thai Restaurant here in Jakarta. My intention was to show the pictures to my friend who asked me for suggestion on the good spot for her birthday party. And I guess I am just lucky that I stopped by for a longer time, because your blog is definitely interesting, and I can see my city from an expatriate’s point of view.

    I’ll visit your blog more often, I guess!

  3. says

    Looks like such a fun party sweety! And yes sadly the decal cannot be reused! I always admire the creativity of parents when it comes to their children’s parties. This seems like something simple yet super fun for the kids. Taking a mental note of it! I love bubbles too!


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